11 DIYs to Remove Bad Smells from Your Home ...


11 DIYs to Remove Bad Smells from Your Home ...
11 DIYs to Remove Bad Smells from Your Home ...

Have you ever gotten a whiff of something gross in your home and couldn't figure out where it was coming from? Or you found the source, but you can't seem to shake the odor? Hey, it happens. After all, you have trash cans in your house and bathrooms aren't the freshest smelling rooms either. Having pets can also lead to those mysterious odors. When this happens to me, I really don't care what's causing the smell, all I care about is getting rid of it. Here are some great DIY ways to nix the stink once and for all.

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Homemade Febreeze

drink, EZE, Do you love the fresh smell of Febreeze? It can be pretty pricey so why not make your own version. This one has a natural fresh scent that will make your whole house smell great. Find the recipe here: goingzerowaste.com.


Coffee Car Air Freshener

pattern, brown, design, art, wood, It's no secret that the inside of your car can get musty and stale smelling, especially if you transport kids or pets. This natural deodorizer makes great use of leftover coffee. Try it here: twentytwowords.com


DIY Carpet Cleaner

dairy product, food, meal, breakfast, drink, Your carpets take a beating and sometimes that means they take on an icky smell. Instead of using a bunch of chemicals that you have to breathe in for days afterward, try this totally natural homemade carpet cleaner at rootandrevel.com.


Laundry Scent Booster

mason jar, lighting, food, drinkware, bottle, When your washing machine takes on that stale smell and then your clothes take it on too, you probably want to get rid of it immediately. This handy solution does all the work for you. Find the DIY at mom4real.com.


Carpet Deodorizer

cup, tin can, DIY, CARPET, DEODORIZER, If you prefer a product you can sprinkle onto your carpet, allow to work and then vacuum up, you will love this homemade deodorizer. It's fast and easy and makes your whole house smell great. Find out how to make it here: dontwastethecrumbs.com.


Homemade Potpourri

food, dish, meal, produce, breakfast, Potpourri from the store smells pretty good, but it often comes with a lot of chemicals too. If you want something a bit more natural that will remove all the bad odors in your house, you need this homemade version. You can find the how-to here: diyncrafts.com.


Deodorizing Cleaning Fluid

food, citrus, plant, produce, fruit, Again, the stuff you buy at the store has a pretty strong chemical smell, but vinegar and lemon can remove odors from your home and kill germs and disinfect at the same time. Find out how here: wholefoodsmarket.com.


Vodka and Lemon Odor Remover

Svedka, Svedka Vodka, distilled beverage, bottle, drink, Vodka doesn't have a super strong smell of its own, but it is pretty powerful for sucking up icky odors from around your house. Don't believe me? Give it a try yourself here: stagemyownhome.com.


Towel Freshener

white, furniture, room, product, table, There's nothing worse than grabbing a clean towel only to find that it smells like mildew. This can happen even with regular washings. When it does, use this lovely lavender spray to give them a fresh new scent. Find the directions here: countryliving.com.


Indoor Air Freshener

plant, produce, liqueur, food, land plant, The basil in this recipe will leave your entire house with a fresh scent that you will love. Make it to share with all of your friends and family. Find out how to here: apartmenttherapy.com.


Essential Oil Car Diffuser

pink, product, organ, fashion accessory, ear, This is a really fun thing to make and your kids can even get in on the action. Hang these near your car vents and you'll never have to suffer from icky car smells again. Here are the directions: recipeswithessentialoils.com.

Where do your smells come from? Which of these do you want to try first?

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The towel freshener, there's nothing worse then taking a shower, drying off and wanting to take another shower, because of your towels!

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