11 Easy Pot Storage Ideas to Keep Extra Cabinet Space the Rest of the Year ...


11 Easy Pot Storage Ideas to Keep Extra Cabinet Space the Rest of the Year ...
11 Easy Pot Storage Ideas to Keep Extra Cabinet Space the Rest of the Year ...

Are you looking for some pot storage ideas? Do your meal plans involve a lot of cooking? Do you wonder where to put all those supplies the rest of the year? Here are 10 kitchen storage ideas from Houzz (www.houzz.com) for those items not frequently used. Each of these pot storage ideas will keep you organized and keep your most important cooking tools within easy reach.

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Hanging Pot Rack

countertop, kitchen, room, interior design, cuisine classique, A hanging rack makes storing large items easy. Keep the pot rack simple and let the focus be on the pots.


Ceiling Hooks

room, kitchen, interior design, home, countertop, This works great in a home with a low ceiling as it helps to elevate the focal point and make it look a little cozier.


Hanging Shelf

ceiling, interior design, light fixture, home, window, If you don’t like the cluttered look of hanging pots but still like the idea of displaying them, consider a hanging shelf. It makes the room feel larger and decluttered.


Open Shelves

room, kitchen, shelf, interior design, countertop, You probably use the top shelf to stash some decorations right? Why not put the large pots and platters you rarely use up there? Bonus points if the shelf is in front of a window.


Blind Corner

countertop, kitchen, kitchen appliance, home appliance, kitchen stove, Just install a pull out unit inside that corner cabinet and you’re ready to forget about those large pots until the next time you need them.


Storage Bench

living room, interior design, room, furniture, home, Oh, the cute and useful storage benches! Add some cushions for a comfy breakfast or reading nook.


Above Appliances

countertop, kitchen, room, cabinetry, home appliance, Have spare space above the refrigerator? This is the perfect spot for rarely used items!


Platter Drawer

countertop, furniture, drawer, table, kitchen, A platter drawer is a must in every modern kitchen. Consider adding one to your space for storage.


Wall Platter Racks

furniture, shelf, shelving, wall, interior design, Colorful platters could really brighten a room and together feel like a piece of art. Decorative storage? PERFECT.



wall, shelf, product, furniture, table, Try making your own pegboard pot rack. It's a great DIY project, and you can customize the rack with the exact size, color and hook configuration you desire.


Bonus Tip: Hung Them under the Island!

interior design, table, furniture, loft, floor, Not sure you want pots and pans hanging prominently, but don't necessarily want to store them away in a cabinet? Here's a nice hybrid option — hang your cookware underneath the island.

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