Avoid Bugs with These 9 Ways to Spider Proof Your Home ...


Avoid Bugs with These 9 Ways to Spider Proof Your Home ...
Avoid Bugs with These 9 Ways to Spider Proof Your Home ...

It doesn’t matter how many times someone tells me that they are harmless, that they are more scared of me than I am of them, that they are just looking for somewhere warm to stay, you are never going to stop me from being terrified of spiders! And I know I’m not the only one, there are millions, if not billions of others out there who have the same phobia! To try to ease your fears a little bit, here are nine ways to spider proof your home.

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Limit Their Food

Spiders often come into homes to look for food, so do your best to limit their food supply by clearing away dead flies from window sills, removing dead insects from around doors, and doing a good sweep of your lofts and cellars!



Don’t fall behind on your vacuuming routine at home. The more regularly you do it, the less likely your rooms are going to be as comfortable web building environments for creepy crawlies. Got up high and down low and in the corners; it’s not enough to just hoover the floor!


Remove Webs

Whenever you see a web forming in an area of your home, make sure to get rid of right away. The more webs get destroyed, the less spiders will want to hang around because they will see that this place is not safe for them.


Fill Gaps

Make an effort to fill the gaps between walls, under doors, and around pipework whenever it is possible. These are some of the key locations that spiders like to enter a house through. The less cracks they have to exploit, the less they will be in your home!


Remove Sheltering Sites

Take away any spaces or sites in your home that spiders might be attracted to for sheltering purposes, like firewood piles, compost heaps, and garden bags. Those things can be placed further down your garden to keep the bugs away from your house.


Limit Lighting

Just like all other kinds of insects, spiders are attracted to the light, so do your best to limit the lighting in your home, especially in places where there are going to be open doors and open windows.


Scent Deterrent

Spiders do not like things that smell very strongly, like citrus fruits, or peppermint, or tea tree or eucalyptus, so you can often keep them away by spraying lots of this kind of stuff around door and window frames.



There is nothing a cat loves more than messing with spiders! If you have a feline friend to patrol the house, you should see a reduction in the number of spiders that you see around.



It might be an old wives’ tales, but many people swear by the conker trick! Putting conkers in the corners of each room in your home is supposed to prevent spiders from entering!

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