7 Tips on How to Make Your Bed Luxurious ...


7 Tips on How to Make Your Bed Luxurious ...
7 Tips on How to Make Your Bed Luxurious ...

If you’ve ever wondered why hotel beds are so darn comfortable, and you want your bed to feel the same, you need be enlightened on how to make your bed luxurious. Luxurious beds aren’t just in movies and 5-star hotels! You can have one too! With these 7 tips on how to make your bed luxurious, you’ll be lying in luxury in no time!

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Pick a Medium to Firm Mattress

Many people believe that the best way to make a bed comfortable is by getting the softest mattress you can find. On the contrary, a mattress that’s too soft can negatively affect your sleep and overall health. When you lay on mattresses that are too soft, you sink right in, which isn’t good for the blood flow and posture. Medium-firm mattresses help give your spine the right amount of support, which makes for a wonderful night’s sleep. I’d say picking a nice firm mattress is one of the most important tips on how to make your bed luxurious. Mattress sets are expensive, but your health is worth it.


Add a Waterproof Mattress Protector

After you’ve purchased your fresh new mattress, it’s imperative that you protect it with a waterproof mattress protector! My friend bought a very thick and comfortable firm mattress set without a mattress protector. It ran her about $1200. Not even a year after she bought it, there was a flood in her apartment. Since she was on the bottom floor, the water leaked from her ceiling, right onto her bed… That’s right! You guessed it! Her precious mattress was ruined. It was soaked down to the center, and she had to throw it out for health and safety reasons. The lesson here is to get a mattress protector! Mattress protectors are inexpensive, functional, and an extremely important factor in keeping your mattress safe.


Choose the Right Cushion

Once you’ve gotten a mattress, and protected it, it’s time to get some cushion! The mattress provides the support, but the cushion provides majority of the comfort. Stack a featherbed, memory foam mattress topper, or a couple of eggshell mattress toppers onto your bed for the ultimate hotel bed comfort. Personally, I have a 3-inch memory foam eggshell topper on my bed, and it works wonders!


More Cushion

Cover the last cushion with more cushion using a soft and thick mattress pad. You have to choose your mattress pad based on how many inches your layers add up to. Meaning that if you have a mattress that’s 16 inches, and a foam topper that’s 4 inches, make sure your mattress pad covers mattresses with 20 inches of thickness. Aside from more cushion, mattress pads also provide another layer of protection. A layered bed is a luxurious one.


Choose Your Style of Sheets

How do you like your sheets to feel? Choose your style based off of what you find most comfortable. If you like sheets with a crisp feel, get cotton sheets with a low thread count. If you like softer sheets, try cotton sheets with a higher thread count or jersey sheets. Choose the most comfortable fabric for yourself, and get that fabric’s sheet set. It’s all about comfort!


Pick a Comforter Set

Now it’s time for décor! Choose a comforter or duvet set that says "I am luxurious, come to me!" Pick you favorite colors, a pattern that matches your room, anything you want that makes you think of luxury. Comforter sets may cost a pretty penny, so work up to it once you get what you need to make you bed feel luxurious. Remember to get a comforter set that fits your comfort needs as well. If you live in Hawaii, you don’t want to purchase an extremely heavy comforter, so make sure it’s weather appropriate.


Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Finally, there’s the icing on the cake: pillows! When choosing the pillows you’re going to sleep on, think luxury. Don’t pick up the first $2 pillow you see, and think you’ll get great sleep. Pillows range in filling and price, and it’s important to find the most comfortable and affordable pillow for you. Personally, I think it’s easy to find a nice pillow in the $18-$30 range, so start there if you’re lost. In regards to decorative pillows, start collecting! I have 10 pillows on my bed, and it looks amazing! 2 Euro pillows, 2 Shams, 2 sleeping pillows, and 4 small decorative pillows should do it. This is the area where the prices can crank up a bit, but many times they’re included with the comforter sets. If you want luxury, you can’t forget the pillows!

I hope these tips have gotten you motivated to start investing in making your bed luxurious! What are your suggestions on how to make a bed look and feel like you never want to leave your room again?

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I'm a sleep expert (I work at Mattress Firm!) and comfort has nothing to do with support or pressure relief. If you like a soft bed, go for it. But make sure it's something with a good inner coil system or better yet, go with a Tempur-Pedic! You should never EVER have to add any sort of top pad or layer to your mattress to make it more comfortable! Totally agree with mattress protectors, though! They keep out moisture AND dust mites!

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