Simple Steps to Make a Rented Place Feel like Home ...

For many of us, the first step on the housing ladder isn’t buying a home or apartment but instead, renting. There are lots of roadblocks in the way of buying your own place, not least of which is coming up with the deposit. But while a rental can often feel nothing more than a temporary stop along the way, there’s no reason why you can’t turn this empty shell into a warm and welcoming home, whether you’re living alone, with friends, with a partner, or with your family. Follow these simple steps to make a rented place feel like home.

1. This Time It’s Personal

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The temptation is often to do nothing to somewhere that you will never own, and therefore never experience any long-term benefits from. That’s an understandable emotion, but you will soon tire of bare walls and of starkly empty rooms. So imagine this is going to be your abode for the rest of your life – or at least for a couple of years – and decide to furnish and decorate in a way that will make you comfortable and relaxed.

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