5 Tips to Find the Right Builder for Your Home Renovation Project ...


5 Tips to Find the Right Builder for Your Home Renovation Project ...
5 Tips to Find the Right Builder for Your Home Renovation Project ...

When considering a home improvement project, adding to an existing one, or starting from scratch, it is better to take a slow approach. Most times it is a major investment of your money, depending what you wish to do. You want everything to go smoothly, without problems, and don’t want to call the builders back to resolve issues that should have been dealt with during the job. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to find the right builder.

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Seek Referrals from Others

First canvas, friends, family and neighbours. See if they have had renovation work done and who they would recommend. Find out what building company or independent builder they used. Word of mouth is usually the best recommendation. Ask whether or not they were satisfied with the work. Were their quality expectations met or did they have problems with the company or workers.


Hire Only Qualified People

Look for licensed professionals. A good idea is to verify their credentials. Don’t consider anyone who isn’t a time served expert at the particular kind of renovation that you want. Also check to see if they use sub-contractors for certain aspects of the job and the qualifications of those. On large projects like house building, many sub-contractors may be called in. Ask for information on previous renovations, or other types of home improvements. Get names and telephone numbers of former clients, so you can inquire about the building company or builder.


Be Absolutely Sure What You Want

Know exactly what it is that you want done. This is important, because each side of the contract, the householder and the builder, will understand the expectations for the renovations, house building, or any kind of improvement. Discuss this completely with the building company or builder before hiring them. Consider different types of materials to use. Also, consider the possibility of delays and sudden price hikes.


Be Careful on Deciding the Price

Most of us want to pay the lowest price we can, but that isn’t always a bargain. The lowest quoted price does not always mean quality work. You don’t want to hire a cheap builder and then find you need to hire another to set straight the mistakes the first one made. You don’t want to hire a Bodgit & Scarper outfit. It is important to nail down an overall price for the work and the costs of materials, before making an agreement. A detailed estimate of material costs and labour would help you make your decision.


Consider the Personality of the Contractor

Most building work is messy and disruptive. You will have strangers around or in your house while the job is done, so it important that the builder or builders are people with decent attitudes. If problems arise, with the work or something else, you need to be able to discuss them with someone who is willing to listen. Aggressive or arrogant people are not the best to deal with, so consider the builder or building company’s attitude while discussing your renovation or house raising, before you make a decision on who to hire.

In conclusion, it is better to be both cautious and precise, when looking for the right builder.

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