Real World 101 πŸ“—: How to Decorate 🎨 Your First Apartment 🏒 for Girls Venturing out on Their Own ☝🏼 ...

Congratulations! You just bought your first apartment! But, other than the keys you tossed on the floor when you did your happy dance... are there any decorations? Oh no! You don't want your apartment to look like a prison; it should be a comfortable environment that reflects your personalityβ€”here's how to make sure it does just that.

1. Gallery Wall

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Wall decor can be a great addition to your new home. It can also be expensive, complicated, and frustrating. So how do you have the good and not the bad? Follow this method of mapping out your wall before you start hanging up decorations. Also, make DIY wall decor and use your own pictures rather than buying wall art from stores.

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