The Secret to Taking Stunning Black and White Photos ...


The Secret to Taking Stunning Black and White Photos ...
The Secret to Taking Stunning Black and White Photos ...

When you're posing for Instagram photos, you don't have to worry about what you look like, because the right filter can change the look of your hair and outfit. Instead of using a bright filter, you should use one that changes your photos into black and white. That way, your pictures will look more professional. Here are a few tips for taking artsy black and white photos:

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Create Contrast

Create Contrast It's no surprise that black and white photographs will only come out in shades of black and white. That's why you want to create a contrast. That means your photo should include something that's very dark and something that's very light. If you're the only thing in the photo, you can wear a black outfit with white accessories. If you're standing in front of a background, then it should be light if you look dark and vice versa.


Use the Right Filter

Use the Right Filter Instagram has plenty of filters for you to use, which means there's not only one "black and white" choice. There are a few similar filters that will make your photographs look artsy, so make sure you look through them all before you settle on one. Some look better than others.


Look Serious Instead of Smiling

Look Serious Instead of Smiling If you want to take an artsy picture, you can forget about smiling for the camera. You don't want to look like you're angry, of course. You just want to keep your mouth in a straight line so that you come across as serious.


Wear the Right Colored Clothing

Wear the Right Colored Clothing You don't want to wear an outfit that looks beautiful in reality, but doesn't look all that great on camera. That's why you should take a few sample snapshots of your outfit to see if it looks just as good in black and white as it does in the mirror.


Look Away from the Camera

Look Away from the Camera You don't want to look directly at the camera. You can either tilt your head away from the camera ever so slightly, or you can look in a completely different direction. You want to look like you had no idea that there was a camera on you.


Ask Someone else to Take the Photo

Ask Someone else to Take the Photo Selfies can look stunning, but if you want your photograph to look artsy, you should hand the camera over to someone else. That way, they can get a better view of your body. Plus, you won't be holding your hand out to take the snapshot, which means you can place your hands on your hips or against your face. It'll open the door to plenty of posing opportunities.


Pick Your Background Carefully

Pick Your Background Carefully You don't want your toilet in the background of your photo. If you can't find a plain wall to stand against, then you should head outside. Nature is always beautiful, so it doesn't matter if you stand in front of a tree or a lake. Either way, the background of your photos will look just as amazing as the focus of them (AKA you!)

You're capable of taking some gorgeous shots, so grab your phone and get to work! Then you can upload it to Instagram and show all of us! What other tips do you have for taking black and white photographs?

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Artsy Photos? Or learn really how to do photography? Haha Instagram bullshit.

@shanianawaz yeah everyone can whatever they want but it's just sad how everything evolves around Instagram and all this right now. Would be nice if people actually took effort to learn something..

She was just giving tips on how to take an "artsy" photo. She never said these will make you an artist. Chill out ladies. Great article, Holly!

I think people just miss the days of not every photo taken is meant for instagram or everything is "selfie #nomakeup hehe #wokeuplikethis #whitegirl #whatswhitepriviligue!!11! New #PINK clothing." Hashtags and people claiming to be artsy by using filters can get tiring after a while since its plastered everywhere

@manchot I wish I could "like" comments on here. I have a fine art degree. That took years of hard work and training. Reading this post and having an Instagram doesn't make you an artist.

What rot from commenters. They should be happy that happy snappers and amateurs want to take nicer photos. Having a degree or being a skilled photographer doesn't mean everyone who doesn't shouldn't be allowed to take artsy photos. Get off your high horses people.

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