40 Outstanding Party Favors You Can Customize for Your Next Party ...


40 Outstanding Party Favors You Can Customize for Your Next Party ...
40 Outstanding Party Favors You Can Customize for Your Next Party ...

No celebration is complete without party favors for your guests. Whether you're hosting a wedding, baby shower or your kid's birthday party, it's fun to send everyone home with a little something to remember the party with later. Party favors don't have to be elaborate or expensive, so don't worry that you have spend a ton of cash on them. Check out these ideas and I bet you'll find something that will work just right for your event.

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Lollipop Bouquets

Lollipop Bouquets Via party
These party favors are cute for girly things like a bridal shower or toddler birthday party. They are easy to make and really cute as decor until the party is over.


Ideal for adding a pop of color and whimsy to your celebration, these delightful treats double as a centerpiece before guests take them home. DIY enthusiasts will love how simple they are to create—just assemble your favorite lollipops, wrap them in cellophane, tie with a ribbon, and voilà! You have an eye-catching gift that is as sweet to look at as it is to eat. Perfect for those looking to add a personal touch and a dash of charm to their party favors!


Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle Via Message in a Bottle Party ...
What fun it would be to decide what message to include in these cute party favors.


Imagine the thrill on your guests' faces as they discover a personalized note tailored just for them. These bottles could contain anything from a heartwarming thank you, an inspirational quote, to a hint about a future event. You can even turn them into a memorable activity by encouraging guests to write messages to their future selves. Be creative with the paper—perhaps a sprinkle of glitter or a splash of perfume to make the message even more special. With each bottle sealed with love, your guests will have a unique keepsake that captures the essence of your celebration.


Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Via Party
You can easily customize the label to say whatever you want it to say.


Hot sauce is a great way to add a little extra kick to your party favors. Not only does it make a great gift, but it’s also a great way to customize your party favors with a personalized label. Hot sauce comes in a variety of flavors, from mild to extra hot, and can be found in many grocery stores, specialty shops, and online retailers.

When giving hot sauce as party favors, consider customizing the label with your own design or message. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, from small bottles to large jars. You can also choose from a variety of colors and designs, including classic styles, modern designs, and even custom-made labels.

In addition to the label, you can also customize the content of the hot sauce. You can choose from a variety of flavors, from mild to extra hot, and from a variety of ingredients. Consider adding a variety of spices, such as cayenne pepper, garlic, or chili powder, to your hot sauce. You can also add herbs, such as cilantro or oregano, to give the sauce an extra kick.


Movie Party Favors

Movie Party Favors Via Items similar to Retro Movie ...
These would be awesome for a sleepover party. Everyone gets their favorite drinks and snacks for the movie.


Art Party

Art Party Via TODAY Parents - Parenting & ...
Cap off an art party by sending the guests home with paper and crayons.


An art party is the perfect way to unleash everyone's inner Picasso. Ensure the canvas of fun is vast by including aprons to personalize, brushes, and palettes to take home. It's a brilliant way to commemorate a day filled with creativity and laughter. To make it extra special, consider adding a mini easel or a small canvas as part of the favor package. This will give all your budding artists the tools to continue their artistic journey long after the party has ended. Inspire, create, and celebrate art in every brushstroke!


No Candy!

No Candy! Via from house to home: Rainbow ...
As a parent, I hate when my kids come home from a party stuffed with cake and carrying a bag full of candy. These favors are fun without all that extra sugar.


These party favors are a great way to celebrate a special occasion without having to worry about the kids consuming too much sugar. They can be personalized to fit any theme or color scheme, and they are sure to be a hit with the kids. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small trinkets to larger items such as puzzles, coloring books, and more. Parents can also add a special touch by including a personalized note or card with each favor. With the right supplies, these favors can be made quickly and easily, making them perfect for any party.


Children's Party Favor Buckets

Children's Party Favor Buckets Via Children's Party Favor Buckets/ Treat ...
You can create any image you want on these buckets with a stencil and some spray paint.


Personalized Princess Party Favors

Personalized Princess Party Favors Via Personalized Princess Party Favors for ...
Help your daughter make one of these for each of her guests and you can have some fun and provide a fun favor at the same time.



BUBBLE BATH SUNDAE Via Baby shower ideas
How cute these are! Perfect for a bridal shower or teen sleepover.


Glammed up Bags

Glammed up Bags Via Items similar to Pom Pom ...
Save your money for what's inside the bag and use some simple lunch sacks jazzed up with paper and homemade tags.


These Glammed up Bags are a great and affordable way to customize your next party. All you need are some lunch sacks, paper, and homemade tags to give your bags a special touch. With these bags, you can save your money for what's inside them instead of spending it on expensive party favors. These bags can be used for any type of party, from birthdays to baby showers. You can even customize them to match the theme of your party. These Glammed up Bags are sure to make your next party more special and memorable.



Olaf Via Clearly Candace: Do You Want ...
Any fan of the Frozen movie will love to have these favor bags at her party.


These adorable Olaf-themed favor bags are perfect for any Frozen aficionado. The bags can be filled with themed goodies like snowflake confetti and edible glitter-covered marshmallows to utterly enchant your guests. Not only do they serve as charming takeaways, but they also contribute to the enchanting atmosphere of the celebration. Customize them with each guest's name for a personal touch that's sure to warm hearts, despite the chilly theme.


Ballerina Party Favors

Ballerina Party Favors Via etsy.com
What little girl wouldn't love to go home from a party with a tiara?


Ballerina-themed parties are pure magic for those little ones enchanted by dance. Customizing favors to match this delicate theme is a breeze. Imagine the delighted twirls when they receive their own personalized ballet slippers or even a miniature music box with a dancing figurine. Crafts such as DIY tutus or ballet-themed coloring books are not only delightful as gifts but also provide a charming activity during the celebration. Every pirouette and plie at your party can be treasured forever with these elegant keepsakes.


Despicable Me Favors

Despicable Me Favors Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Those minions are all the rage these days and these favors are perfect!


Beach Party Favors

Beach Party Favors Via Under the Sea Birthday Party ...
Little ones will love getting a bucket filled with sand toys.


Minion Bubble Party Favors

Minion Bubble Party Favors Via Minion Bubble Party Favors (DIY)!! ...
More minions! These would be easy to make with shaky eyes and a Sharpie marker.


Night Owl Slumber Party

Night Owl Slumber Party Via Birthday Party Ideas | Photo ...
Everything the girls need for a successful sleepover is right here in these cute little buckets.


Personalized with each attendee’s name, these buckets are brimming with slumber party essentials: face masks, cozy socks, and mini nail polishes. Pop in some treats, like chocolates or gummy bears, and a cute sleep mask for the ultimate touch. A custom note attached to each can add that special heartfelt touch, turning these favor buckets into treasured keepsakes that echo the giggles and whispers of a night filled with friendship and fun.



Bracelets Via Frozen party favor bracelet.. Frozen ...
Cap off any party with themed bracelets or necklaces.


Treat Cups

Treat Cups Via Party favours
These cups are cute holders for sweet treats and you can customize them based on your color scheme or the theme of the event.


Ideal for both kids' parties and adult gatherings, these versatile Treat Cups can become a charming takeaway when filled with homemade cookies, candies, or even a mix of nuts and dried fruits. To give them an extra personalized touch, attach a thank you note or add stickers that match the occasion. Not only are they practical, but they also add an element of whimsy to your party decor, and guests will love the thoughtfulness behind a favor that satisfies their sweet tooth.


Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals Via GreenWay Home: puppy party for ...
These cute stuffed animals will probably last a lot longer than the junk in most favor bags.


Give your little guests something soft and snuggly that they can cherish well beyond the party's end. Stuffed animals make for an adorable memento that can be customized to fit the theme of your party – think little lions for a jungle bash or teddy bears for a teddy bear picnic. They're not only a charming takeaway but also a gift that encourages imaginative play and offers comfort long after the candles have been blown out. So go ahead, let these fluffy friends be the perfect reminder of a day filled with joy and laughter.


Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles Via 6 JUNGLE SAFARI party favor. ...
These would be super adorable for a baby shower.


These charming baby bottles can be filled with sweet treats or handcrafted goodies, making them not only a delightful decoration but also a lovely take-home gift for guests. Personalize them with tags bearing the baby's name or the date of the shower for an extra-special touch. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness as they enjoy the contents and later repurpose the adorable bottle as a keepsake. Perfect for creating a lasting memory while providing a practical and cute favor.


Hot Air Balloon Party Favors

Hot Air Balloon Party Favors Via Birthday Party Ideas for Kids ...
How cute are these? They look like so much fun to put together.


Spa Party

Spa Party Via Spa ideas
Cap off your spa party with a few essentials.


A spa party is the perfect way to relax and unwind with friends and family. Not only is it a great way to de-stress and enjoy some quality time, but it also makes for a unique and memorable event. For your spa party, you can provide guests with a variety of spa treatments, including massages, facials, and manicures. You can also offer a selection of soothing music, aromatherapy candles, and essential oils. To make your spa party even more special, you can provide guests with personalized party favors. These can include monogrammed towels, spa-themed candles, and handmade soaps. You can also give out spa-themed gifts such as lotions, bath bombs, and aromatherapy oils. For a truly unique touch, you can even create your own spa-themed party favors, such as DIY body scrubs and bath salts. With some creativity and thoughtfulness, your spa party will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all your guests.


Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles Via Ninja Turtles Inspired Birthday Party ...
These would be easy to make out of colored paper and bulk paper sacks.


Swimming Pool Noodle Lollipop

Swimming Pool Noodle Lollipop Via PC Pools
I can't think of anything cuter for a pool party than these great favors.


Pink Marshmallow Pops

Pink Marshmallow Pops Via pink marshmallow pops party favors
Mix and match colors to match any event you're hosting.


Baby Food Jar Princess Crowns

Baby Food Jar Princess Crowns Via DIY Baby Food Jar Princess ...
You can hit up all your friends to help you save baby food jars for these cute favors.


Transform those little jars into enchanting treasures for a magical party favor. With a dab of glitter, some pastel paint, and a touch of ribbon, you can create a personalized princess crown that’s fit for any little royal. Fill them with candy, tiny trinkets, or sparkly confetti to add to the wonder. Not only do they make for an adorable keepsake, but they're also a crafty way to promote recycling. Watch as the little ones’ eyes light up when they receive a piece of the fairy tale to take home!



Butterflies Via Birthday
There are quite a few events that these cute little favors would work for. Easter, birthday parties, spring...


...gatherings, or even a garden-themed event. The vivid beauty of butterflies can be elegantly captured within personalized party favors. Imagine delicate butterfly-shaped cookies, adorned with the guest of honor's initials, or small jars of homemade butterfly-wing-patterned candies. For a more interactive twist, kits for creating one's own butterfly crafts could provide a whimsical and memorable take-home treat. Choose colors that match your party's palette and watch as these graceful creatures add a touch of enchantment to your celebration's ambiance.



Cups Via goodsmiths.com
Buy cups that match your theme to use as holders for the goody bag stuff.


Lifesaver Sticks of Dynamite

Lifesaver Sticks of Dynamite Via Items similar to July 4th ...
Hand these out at the 4th of July. Everyone will love them!


These firecracker-shaped goodies pack a non-explosive surprise that's perfect for your Independence Day celebration. Customize them by adding a personal note or your party's date on the label. Filled with red, white, and blue treats, they're a playful nod to the traditional firework, but with a twist that's safe and sweet for guests of all ages. Expect oohs and ahhs as each pop reveals a burst of deliciousness. Festive and fun, they're a hit with both kids and adults, ensuring your party goes out with a bang!


Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls Via Minions - GBR6 Camp 2014
Again, you can customize these for whatever character you want, then fill them with treats.


These adorable toilet paper roll favors offer a creative way to thank your guests with a personal touch. Whether you're inclined towards crafting a host of whimsical creatures or favor fashionable patterns that match your party's theme, the possibilities are endless. Once decorated, the rolls transform into charming containers just waiting to be packed with delightful goodies such as candy, small toys, or even confetti for an extra surprise. Not only do these favors provide a unique keepsake, but they're also an excellent way to impress guests with your DIY prowess and thoughtfulness.


Tiny Boxes

Tiny Boxes Via Items similar to Cotton Candy ...
These would be cute to hand out at a wedding.


Perfect for personalizing, these charming mini boxes can hold anything from sweets to tiny trinkets, adding a special touch that guests can take home and treasure. Whether you opt for a rustic or more elegant look, customize the details to match your event's theme. Think of embossed names, dates, or even a special quote that resonates with the occasion. Undoubtedly, they serve as a lovely reminder of the day, long after the celebrations are over.


Filled Buckets

Filled Buckets Via TODAY Parents - Parenting & ...
Buckets are great because the guests can use them after the treats inside are gone.


Succulent Party Favors

Succulent Party Favors Via Chic meets Healthy: OUR WEDDING
These would be absolutely awesome at a bridal shower or wedding.


Succulents are a trendy and eco-friendly choice that add a touch of greenery to your celebration. Plus, they double as gorgeous table decor and take-home treasures for your guests. Easy to care for and hard to kill, these little plants are perfect for guests who may not have a green thumb. Customize the pots with your event date or a sweet thank you message to add a personal touch that will remind your loved ones of your special day every time they water their tiny green friend. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes to make the display even more eye-catching.


Construction Cone Favor Boxes

Construction Cone Favor Boxes Via Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...
Use these at a transportation themed party.


These playful construction cone favor boxes are perfect for young guests who have a penchant for trucks and building things! Easy to assemble and fill with a variety of treats, these favor boxes can be personalized with each child’s name or filled with little toys reflective of a construction site. Pair them with a dig in sign for your dessert table and watch the kids' excitement build as they take home a piece of the party fun.


Jar Toppers

Jar Toppers Via Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas | ...
Here's another cute idea for jar favors. You could use different colors and figures to make them work for a boy's party.


These charming jar toppers not only add a whimsical touch but are also incredibly versatile. Imagine tiny ballet slippers for a dance-themed celebration or miniature cars for the little speedster in your life. Personalize each jar with custom labels featuring the party theme or guest of honor's name. Fill the jars with coordinating sweets or homemade treats for a special take-home favor that's sure to delight. Remember, a little creativity goes a long way in making your party memorable!


Rainbow Party Favors

Rainbow Party Favors Via Party ideas
Not only are these great for a rainbow party, but they are useful and fun too.


Give your guests something to remember the joyous occasion with these vibrant and playful favors. Consider filling small jars with layers of colorful candies or creating custom mix CDs with rainbow-colored covers. For an even more personal touch, hand-paint flower pots and plant them with a rainbow of blooms. These little gifts are perfect for guests to take home and enjoy, adding a splash of color to their day long after the party is over. Let the colors of the rainbow inspire you – the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating memorable keepsakes!


Super Heroes

Super Heroes Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Wow! That cup is really loaded up with goodies.


Mini Picnic Basket

Mini Picnic Basket Via Birthday Party Ideas for Kids ...
I can't get over how adorable these are.


These tiny baskets serve as the perfect keepsake for a garden party or an outdoor celebration. You can fill them with goodies like candies, nuts, or even a small potted plant. Embellish each one with a ribbon that matches the theme of your event, and add a personalized tag with your guests' names. They're not only a reminder of the fun time had but also double as charming decor for your friends' home. Cuteness and functionality wrapped up in one delightful package!


Treats Galore

Treats Galore Via Oooops Something went wrong!
If you're going for a treat filled goody cup, this one fits the bill just right.


Spa Day

Spa Day Via izzy's birthday ideas
These would be the best favors if you're hosting a makeover party or a bridal shower.

Do you hand out favors at your parties? I've sort of moved away from it now that my kids are older, but there are some great ideas in here. Which one is your favorite?

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I'll be referring back to this post at party time. Very cute and clever! Thanks for sharing!

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