How to Upgrade Your Home for Winter ...


How to Upgrade Your Home for Winter ...
How to Upgrade Your Home for Winter ...

The season of snuggling up in a blanket and drinking hot cocoa while watching your favorite tv series has finally arrived. Time has come to lit up the fireplace and sit in a comfy chair, looking out the window, and admiring all the scenery melting into a white sheet. It's snowing in some places in the world, while some other places are simply freezing cold. Despite that, it's the perfect time to bring in some festive decorations that match the wintery mood.

Because seasons impact greatly the way we perceive life, your surroundings too should give you the feeling that something is changing, and there is something new. And because you spend most of your free time at home, our brick and mortar buildings should feel home-y.

So, isn't it essential that when you step into your house after a chilly day out, you get welcomed by a place that makes you feel warm and at home in its fullest sense?

The best way to experience this is by redecorating your house in winter colors. And the easiest and most hassle-free way to do so without spending too much on costly winter decor is doing it yourself. Yes, we mean DIY winter makeover for your house! Setting up all the new DIY decor pieces and putting on warm clothes will get you in the winter mood in no time!

Before you get all warm and cozy under that comforter, let’s get you up, get your creativity flowing, and give your house the best DIY makeover yet!

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Knit Pillow Covers

Wool, Crochet, Textile, Thread, Furniture, What is the best thing to do in winter? Snuggle! And, what will keep you cozy while doing so? Pillows with knit covers! They can be expensive if bought from a store, so if you want a whole set for your couch, you can make them yourself.

Now, doesn't everyone has those sweaters that were given to them that they don't want to wear in public but that are actually kind of cute? Or those adorable little sweaters that their Grandma knitted for them when they were younger and which do not fit anymore? You can easily turn them into cushion covers.

- Measure your pillow or cushion in both length and breadth.
- Lay down the sweater, straighten it, mark the measurements, and leave half an inch extra for seams.
- Cut the measurements with the added extra half-inch mark.
- Sew the sides, and leave 3 inches to put the pillow in.
- Put cushion/ pillow in, and hand stitch the hole that’s left.

You can hand make them into any shape you want.
Enjoy your snugly sleep!


Pinecone Wreath

shortleaf black spruce, Columbian spruce, balsam fir, Yellow fir, Tree, Is it really winter if you have not seen pinecone decorations yet? Bring the elements of nature into your house and experience the mellow-ness of it.

- Get a circled wire or with caution fold a wire into a circle and hot glue the ends.
- Cover it with fake fir leaves, or natural ones if desired.
- Put a red and gold bell on top.
- Now take small pinecones, and add them in intervals as desired.
- Dust on some faux snow and you are done!

Hang it over your fireplace or on your entry door to welcome you every day. Wasn't that easy and efficient?!


Citrus-y Candles

Green, Christmas decoration, Christmas ornament, Fashion accessory, Games, Melt and pour candle wax is all the rage nowadays. And what more fitting than a candle that smells like sweet oranges and warms your living room too?

- With caution, melt and pour candle wax into a bowl.
- Add orange dye or any other color you see fit.
- Add your favorite citrus oil.
- If not a big fan of citrus smells, you can add eucalyptus oil or pinecone essential oil.
- Pour the wax into showy glass set, and let the wax cool.
- Paint cutesy little snowflakes on the outside and it will lighten up the darkest of cold evenings!

You can also make pockets for the candle jars from the rest of your sweater material you used for your pillows, but make sure that the ends are shorter than the glass top so that they are away from fire.


Wintery Photo Collages

Furniture, Room, Couch, Sofa bed, Wall, Had a marvelous trip to a snowy area last winter? Or have the most heartwarming pictures of you with your pet? Display them now and feel your heart warm up. Because warming your body isn't enough, the soul needs to be cozy too!

Create the most fun photo collage by CanvasPop.

- Color a frame with white and gray spray paint.
- Stick a garland of fairy lights, by running it through the middle of the sides of the frame.

- Cover the whole frame with woolen thread leaving space for the fairy lights to pop out.
- Put in your photo collage.
- You do not need a lamp now. Let the frame and the photo collage brighten up your nightstand!


Snowy Drink Area

Putting snow over your normal shelf tops or fireplace tops makes it look 100% more rustic. Get a bit creative and decorate your wine shelves or the shelf where you keep your glasses for hot cocoa.

- Put a large tray over your fireplace and put some faux snow in it.
- Now, put some birch, fir leaves and twigs on the sides of the tray, or creatively seat them on the rest of the shelf top.
- Dust the leaves and twigs with snow.
- Place the glasses in the tray as you normally would.
- You could also put a hand-painted or a store-bought sign marking it to be your "Hot cocoa place" as the background setting.

Drizzle chocolate on the sides of mason jars, pour a hot drink, and fill your tummy with some warmth!


Snowflake Laurel

Snowflake, Christmas ornament, Textile, Christmas decoration, Interior design, Because no amount of snow decorations is ever enough!

- Take a wire and twist into the shape of a laurel.
- Fully cover it with fairy lights.
- Now hang faux snowflakes, dainty jingle bells, and colorful orbs from the laurel.

You have the most beautiful DIY to decorate your room!


Reindeer Sleigh Candle Holder

When everything gets an upgrade, then why not your candle holders?

- Take a small toy sleigh that is being pulled by reindeer.
- Spray dark brown paint to give a woodsy effect.
- Now simply set candles on the sleigh.

Do these, and you have the house with the most creative DIYs that are not only decorative but also practical. Enjoy your warmest, comfiest, and coziest winter yet!

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