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60 Ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party ...

By Neecey

Who wouldn't love a Harry Potter theme party? Whether you're 10 or 50, the boy wizard is so beloved that a whole industry has grown around him and his adventures. The stories touched our hearts and Rowling's wizarding world must surely be one of the most famous icons of our time If you're planning a Harry Potter theme party, here are some wheezingly good ideas to consider.

1 Photo Booth

picture frame,art,design,advertising,shape,Source: Harry Potter Themed Boys Birthday ...

An absolute must for any Harry Potter theme party.

2 Golden Snitch

yellow,jewellery,fashion accessory,material,metal,Source: Harry Potter Recipes: Sweets, Treats, ...

Easily made using yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Make wings from paper or even use feathers from the craft shop. (Don't pull out owl feathers!)


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3 Gryffindor Common Room Entrance

art,advertising,illustration,picture frame,drawing,Source: wattlebird: Harry Potter Party Decorations

Blow up a picture of the Fat Lady to stick on the door. Don't forget to put the password on the invites. You could even have someone dress up as the Fat Lady to greet your arrivals, only letting them in when they say the password.

4 Follow the Spiders

wall,wood,branch,lighting,design,Source: The Bathroom

Take it one step further. Have your spiders around the house in trails leading to the bathroom - your very own Chamber of Secrets.

5 Wands

brand,writing,calligraphy,design,Olli,Source: Give Peas a Chance: Happy ...

Pass this around to all your guests so they can all turn up with their very own wands.

6 Butterbeer

drink,lighting,candle,flavor,food,Source: Butter Beer Recipe |

Can't have a Harry Potter theme party without butterbeer. There are plenty of recipes online - alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

7 Invitations

text,writing,Hogwarls,School,lnuiles,Source: Spicy Pinecone: January 2012

You won't believe how many printables you can find online for your Harry Potter party. There's everything from owl post packages to Hogwarts Express tickets to parchment scrolls.

8 Candy Corn Broomsticks

bag,grass family,food,produce,wine bottle,Source: Halloween decorating got you spooked

Tutorial available online. Great for decorating the candy table.

9 Quidditch Pong

lighting,brand,design,QUIDDITCH,PONG,Source: This and That

The indoor version of the wizard game. Outdoor version coming further down the page. Organize your own Quidditch World Cup tournament for prizes. (Don't let the Death Eaters in though).

10 Dementor Remedy

Asbest,Tulunan National High School,text,label,sign,Source: Holiday Ideas

Have plenty of dementor defender chocolate on hand.

11 Keys with Wings

room,ceiling,wall,lighting,art,Source: SciFi

Great and easy decor idea if you've got access to a bunch of old fashioned keys (from the Sorcerer’s Stone).

12 Platform 9 ¾

room,interior design,window covering,curtain,window treatment,Source: Pieces by Polly: Harry Potter ...

Look online for instructions on how to turn a bed sheet into the platform wall.

13 Mind Your Step

furniture,table,She,Stairs,Change,Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Go to town with signs all around the house with references to the stories. Maybe a sign on a bedroom door saying Professor McGonagall's office. A sign on the kitchen door saying House elves Only ... that kind of thing.

14 Moaning Myrtle

toilet,plumbing fixture,toilet seat,bidet,Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Love it! Stick a piccie of Myrtle above the bath too (a la Goblet of Fire)

15 Ministry of Magic

toilet,plumbing fixture,toilet seat,bidet,product,Source: So my friend threw a ...

An alternative to Moaning Myrtle.

16 Whomping Willow

soil,trail,signage,BEWARE,WHOMPTNE,Source: Harry Potter Party: Decorations

Decorations for a Hogwarts theme party don't have to all be indoors.

17 Owl Post

Diagon Alley,clock,product,lighting,shape,Source: Harry Potter Party Invitations by ...

Cute way to deliver your invites.

18 Patronus

performance art,stage,screenshot,Source: Misc. HP Fun

Oh my! What a clever idea.

19 Invisibility Cloaks

text,signage,brand,display device,FREE,Source: So She Thinks She Can ...


20 Dragon Eggs

,Source: Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas ...

Keep Hagrid away from these or he'll be stuffing them in his pockets.

21 Gillyweed

lighting,produce,herb,tch's,cupboard,Source: Items similar to Gillyweed Potion ...
Made simply from green gummy worms in a decorated jar.

22 Lumos

lighting,technology,LUNOS,NOX,Source: My Own Little Women: Harry ...

So clever.

23 Harry Potter Party Game

cartoon,poster,moustache,brand,advertising,Source: Harry Potter Birthday Party | ...

Great version of the classic party game - Pin the Scar on Harry.

24 Books

wood,material,POTIONS,HERBOLOG,BEASTS,Source: Until Wednesday Calls: How To: ...

Easy decorating idea that won't be hard on your budget.

25 Hogwarts Letters

art,ANA,Gee,Source: Harry Potter
Hang Hogwarts letters from thread

26 Mudbloods Beware

art,circle,shape,number,THE,Source: Strawberry cream cake

Don't use your best red lipstick.

27 Ice Cream Toppings

Underground Metal,canning,mason jar,product,lighting,Source: Harry Potter Party | ABC ...

Doesn't have to be toppings for ice cream. Use the same
idea for your candy or food table.

28 Mandrake Cakes

flower,food,spring,dessert,flavor,Source: my blog: #10- hunter potter ...

These are made by sticking plastic babies/dolls into chocolate cakes.

29 Whomping Willow

art,wood,modern art,screenshot,illustration,Source: welcome to our wizarding world ...

Make the branches by scrunching up brown paper or filling old panty hose.

30 Potions

product,bottle,drinkware,glass bottle,hand,Source: How-Tuesday: Bottled Potions | The ...

Make the contents from water and food coloring.

31 Hat Cupcakes

food,dessert,cake,cuisine,birthday cake,Source: Harry Potter Viewing Party - ...

Easy food for a Harry Potter themed party.

32 House Scarves

clothing,product,furniture,art,pattern,Source: Jengerbread Creations: Harry Potter Party

If you can knit, you can whip up a batch of house scarves in no time.

33 Dementor's Kiss-Away

Muggle Shirt,food,produce,DEMENTORS,KISS,Source: Pieces by Polly: Free Harry ...

Transform some Hershey kisses.

34 Signpost

color,text,font,pink,art,Source: Fantasy Sign Post: Pick your ...

Put one in your garden to guide your guests.

35 Liquid Luck

skin,distilled beverage,lighting,drink,flavor,Source: Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party ...

Don't forget to have plenty of Felix Felicis around.

36 Owl Parcel Post

room,balloon,product,party,toy,Source: Harry Potter + Make-a-Wish Foundation ...

Another simple to make décor idea.

37 Chocolate Frogs

food,chocolate truffle,dessert,chocolate,edible mushroom,Source: sparrows and arrows: Harry Potter ...

Careful, they've got one good jump in them.

38 Marauder's Map


Printable available online.

39 Potions Cupboard

room,furniture,POTIONS,Source: Marvelous Hogwarts Inspired Harry Potter ...

List must include boomslang skin, lacewing flies, veritaserum, and bubble juice. and don't forget the bezoars.

40 Levitating Lemon Drops

food,yellow,produce,LAI,Lemon,Source: real product reviews - Real ...

Or maybe call them sherbet lemons, Dumbledore's favorite muggle candy.

41 Harry Potter Party Drinks-

font,clip art,diagram,brand,line,Source: Ascendio 2012: A Harry Potter ...

Alternatives to butterbeer.

42 Wands

white,art,design,calligraphy,inches,Source: Little Page Turners: The Ultimate ...

Make sure there's one for everyone.

43 Basilisk Calzone

dish,food,produce,cuisine,vegetable,Source: Harry Potter Party Recipes

Search out recipes for Harry Potter party food if you want more than candy and sweets. Don't forget the cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties.

44 Free Printables

Album,product,label,brand,advertising,Source: My Cotton Creations: Family Life: ...

Just to give you an idea of the printable available for free online.

45 Licorice Wands

food,flower,flavor,produce,LICORICE,Source: My Harry Potter Party 2010

Hope you've got a Honeydukes near you to stock up on supplies.

46 Potter Party Games

,Source: How to Throw a Harry ...

If you want games create your own from ideas inspired by the stories or search the internet. Even something as simple as "Guess the number of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans" or "Find the Snitch treasure hunt" would be fun.

47 Harry Potter Food

font,illustration,line,HOGWARTS,MENU,Source: Diamonds for Dessert: Harry Potter ...
There's lots of food mentioned in the stories so you shouldn't be short of inspiration for your Harry Potter party food. Don't forget Harry's favorite treacle tart.

48 Floating Candles

night,darkness,light,stage,lighting,Source: Protected Blog › Log in

Obviously, if you use real candles to hang from your ceiling, you can't light them.

49 Quidditch

outdoor play equipment,playground,play,backyard,swing,Source: harry potter party ideas
The outdoor version of Quidditch as promised.

50 Potage's Cauldron Shop

man made object,lighting,furniture,POTAGES,CAUDRONS,Source: Diagon Alley

Dedicate corners of your rooms/house top various establishments of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

51 Basilisk

arm,automotive exterior,hand,spiral,finger,Source: The Bathroom

Spray paint a rubber snake and attach it to the sink in your Chamber of Secrets bathroom.

52 Education Decrees

lighting,PROCLAMATIEN,PRIGLAMATION,DrcrmuL,LITIAOULRICIUI,Source: Welcome to Hogwarts!

Make your own or use free printables.

53 Drinking Games

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,Harry Potter,line,the,Harry,Source: Random Funny Pictures - 45 ...

Adults only!

54 Owl Cake

owl,bird of prey,bird,Source: How to Throw a Harry ...

Just search Harry Potter cake to find all sorts of designs from owls to sorting hats.

55 Harry Potter Party - Sorting Hat

clothing,pink,art,product,petal,Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Make from old fabric and needle and thread.

56 Cauldron Punch

percussion,drum,product,drums,musical instrument,Source: Harry Potter Party - The ...

Make punch according to your guest list's age.

57 Undesirable No 1


Boy, your printer is going to be working hard when you throw a Harry Potter theme party.

58 Pin the Sock on Dobby

sketch,drawing,figure drawing,art,illustration,Source: Hosting A Harry Potter Party ...

Another version of the "pin the tail on..." game.

59 Pensieve

table,sink,shape,food,furniture,Source: Misc. HP Fun

What will your guests see?

60 Balloon Spider


Put them in dark corners.

If you're throwing a Harry Potter party you can spend lots of money on buying lots of props and decorations or you can let your imagination run wild. If you know the books and films really well, you won't need much impetus to get your creative juices flowing.

Are you going to throw a Harry Potter Party? Share your ideas please!

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