60 Ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party ...


60 Ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party ...
60 Ideas for a Harry Potter Themed Party ...

Who wouldn't love a Harry Potter theme party? Whether you're 10 or 50, the boy wizard is so beloved that a whole industry has grown around him and his adventures. The stories touched our hearts and Rowling's wizarding world must surely be one of the most famous icons of our time If you're planning a Harry Potter theme party, here are some wheezingly good ideas to consider.

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Photo Booth

picture frame,art,design,advertising,shape, Source: Harry Potter Themed Boys Birthday ...

An absolute must for any Harry Potter theme party.


Golden Snitch

yellow,jewellery,fashion accessory,material,metal, Source: Harry Potter Recipes: Sweets, Treats, ...

Easily made using yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Make wings from paper or even use feathers from the craft shop. (Don't pull out owl feathers!)


To create this enchanting treat, simply affix the wings to the sides of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates using a small dab of edible glue or icing. Arrange them on a platter, and watch as they magically disappear into the hands of your guests quicker than you can say "Quidditch"! It's the perfect combination of a delicious snack and a decorative nod to one of the most iconic elements from the Harry Potter series, sure to delight fans of all ages. Just be sure to have plenty on hand – these Snitches have a way of flying off the table.

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You can hang house banners for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Set up a Platform 9¾ entrance, use candles to mimic the Great Hall, and use potions bottles and spell books for table decorations.

Organize a Sorting Hat ceremony to sort kids into Hogwarts houses, set up a wand-making station, have a Quidditch-inspired game, and prepare a treasure hunt for Horcruxes or magical items around your party area.

Serve treats like Butterbeer, pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and cauldron cakes. You can also make sandwiches and label them with fun names like 'Cornish pixie paninis'.

Give guests small broomstick pens, wizard hats, Harry Potter glasses, house badges, or even a Marauder's Map. You can also gift them with small bags of 'Galleons', 'Sickles', and 'Knut' chocolate coins.

Design the invites to look like Hogwarts acceptance letters or Marauder's Map. Use parchment-like paper and write details with a calligraphy pen or font to give it an authentic wizarding world feel.


Gryffindor Common Room Entrance

art,advertising,illustration,picture frame,drawing, Source: wattlebird: Harry Potter Party Decorations

Blow up a picture of the Fat Lady to stick on the door. Don't forget to put the password on the invites. You could even have someone dress up as the Fat Lady to greet your arrivals, only letting them in when they say the password.


To amplify the enchantment, play recordings of the Fat Lady singing from within, adding to the authenticity of the Gryffindor vibe. Surround the entrance with flickering LED candles to mimic the magical floating lights of the common room. Consider including a creative challenge, like a mini trivia about Gryffindor history, for guests to earn the password, making the entry into the room a little adventure of its own. This interactive element will surely get everyone in the spirit and excited to celebrate the magic within.


Follow the Spiders

wall,wood,branch,lighting,design, Source: The Bathroom

Take it one step further. Have your spiders around the house in trails leading to the bathroom - your very own Chamber of Secrets.


Spinning this enchanting idea, entwine cobwebs in shadowy corners and dangle acromantula-sized spiders from the ceiling. While your guests are on their magical quest, whispers of Aragog's kin can tickle their fancy. To cast a spookier ambiance, place small LED lights under the webs, giving them an ethereal glow. For an interactive twist, set clues beneath each spider, leading to hidden Potter-esque treasures or potion ingredients needed to unlock the full experience. Make the search for the bathroom a daring adventure they won't soon forget!



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Pass this around to all your guests so they can all turn up with their very own wands.



drink,lighting,candle,flavor,food, Source: Butter Beer Recipe | Pepper.ph

Can't have a Harry Potter theme party without butterbeer. There are plenty of recipes online - alcoholic and non-alcoholic.



text,writing,Hogwarls,School,lnuiles, Source: Spicy Pinecone: January 2012

You won't believe how many printables you can find online for your Harry Potter party. There's everything from owl post packages to Hogwarts Express tickets to parchment scrolls.


Invitations set the magical tone for your enchanting soiree. Imagine guests receiving a Marauder's Map or a Daily Prophet styled invite, complete with moving images thanks to a bit of lenticular printing or augmented reality apps. And for those who appreciate a hands-on approach, DIY potion bottle invitations filled with glitter and the event details scrolled inside will have your soon-to-be attendees spellbound. The possibilities are as endless as the corridors at Hogwarts – let your creativity fly like a golden snitch at Quidditch!


Candy Corn Broomsticks

bag,grass family,food,produce,wine bottle, Source: Halloween decorating got you spooked

Tutorial available online. Great for decorating the candy table.


For a bewitching touch to your feast, these charming confections shaped like Nimbus 2000s are a cinch to conjure up. Simply use pretzel sticks as the handle and affix the iconic triangular orange candies as the bristles. They'll add an enchanted flair to your snacks and leave guests spellbound. Perfect for miniature wizards and witches to whisk away while they mingle. The step-by-step guide ensures a foolproof charm for creating these magical treats that are as delightful to display as they are to devour. It's a festive way to sweep your guests off their feet!


Quidditch Pong

lighting,brand,design,QUIDDITCH,PONG, Source: This and That

The indoor version of the wizard game. Outdoor version coming further down the page. Organize your own Quidditch World Cup tournament for prizes. (Don't let the Death Eaters in though).


For a magical twist on beer pong, Quidditch Pong brings the iconic Harry Potter sport to your tabletop. Set up three hoops at each end of the table to serve as the goals. Players must toss the ping pong ball through the hoops to land in cups, while defending their own with a Beaters' bat—an enchanting way to test their aim and reflexes. Those aspiring to the title of Seeker can even hunt for the elusive Golden Snitch—maybe hiding a yellow ball within the room—offering extra points or an instant win to the lucky finder. It's the perfect potion for a night of competitive wizardry and mirth.


Dementor Remedy

Asbest,Tulunan National High School,text,label,sign, Source: Holiday Ideas

Have plenty of dementor defender chocolate on hand.


Chocolate is the quintessential cure after a dementor's attack. No witch or wizard should be without their stash when hosting a Harry Potter-themed gathering. Craft your own foil-wrapped chocolate remedies, with personalized labels bearing the names of your guests. Not only does this serve as a delightfully themed party favor, but it also adds an aura of enchantment to the festivities. Why not have a little fun by staging a mock dementor raid and watch as your partygoers rally with their chocolate in hand, banishing the blues and fear away?


Keys with Wings

room,ceiling,wall,lighting,art, Source: SciFi

Great and easy decor idea if you've got access to a bunch of old fashioned keys (from the Sorcerer’s Stone).


Gather up those charming, rustic keys and breathe magic into them by affixing delicate wings. Accio a whimsical touch to your enchanting event with this DIY project that will make your guests feel they're about to unlock a portal to another realm. Best paired with parchment tags inscribed with spells or guests' names, these flying keys can hover mysteriously over the banquet or serve as enchanting escort cards that guide your fellow wizards and witches to their seats. It's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable!


Platform 9 ¾

room,interior design,window covering,curtain,window treatment, Source: Pieces by Polly: Harry Potter ...

Look online for instructions on how to turn a bed sheet into the platform wall.


Platform 9 ¾ is a famous location in the beloved Harry Potter series, where students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry catch the Hogwarts Express train to begin their magical school year. This iconic platform has become a popular theme for parties, especially among fans of the series. To recreate the look of Platform 9 ¾, you can use a bed sheet to create the illusion of a brick wall. Simply follow online tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this effect. This DIY project is budget-friendly and adds a touch of authenticity to your Harry Potter themed party.


Mind Your Step

furniture,table,She,Stairs,Change, Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Go to town with signs all around the house with references to the stories. Maybe a sign on a bedroom door saying Professor McGonagall's office. A sign on the kitchen door saying House elves Only ... that kind of thing.


Moaning Myrtle

toilet,plumbing fixture,toilet seat,bidet, Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Love it! Stick a piccie of Myrtle above the bath too (a la Goblet of Fire)


Ministry of Magic

toilet,plumbing fixture,toilet seat,bidet,product, Source: So my friend threw a ...

An alternative to Moaning Myrtle.


Whomping Willow

soil,trail,signage,BEWARE,WHOMPTNE, Source: Harry Potter Party: Decorations

Decorations for a Hogwarts theme party don't have to all be indoors.


Owl Post

Diagon Alley,clock,product,lighting,shape, Source: Harry Potter Party Invitations by ...

Cute way to deliver your invites.



performance art,stage,screenshot, Source: Misc. HP Fun

Oh my! What a clever idea.


Invisibility Cloaks

text,signage,brand,display device,FREE, Source: So She Thinks She Can ...



Dragon Eggs

, Source: Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas ...

Keep Hagrid away from these or he'll be stuffing them in his pockets.


Transform your party space into a mystical dragon's lair with these ingeniously crafted dragon eggs. A perfect choice for the centerpiece of a Care of Magical Creatures themed table or scattered around for your young wizards and witches to discover. The eggs can be made from simple materials such as painted papier-mâché or elegantly decorated styrofoam. Add a touch of sparkle with some glitter or jewels for that magical gleam. Just remember, no dragon taming unless you're a certified magizoologist!



lighting,produce,herb,tch's,cupboard, Source: Items similar to Gillyweed Potion ...
Made simply from green gummy worms in a decorated jar.


For the aspiring wizard, Gillyweed is a must-have for any underwater adventure! This magical plant, famously used by Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament, can now be a whimsical party snack. Simply take green gummy worms and give them a swirl around your jar to mimic the tangled underwater look of real Gillyweed. Finish with an aged label describing its magical properties for an enchanting touch that will have your guests feeling ready to take on the Black Lake's depths! Just remember, while your guests may not actually grow gills, their imaginations will certainly swim wild.



lighting,technology,LUNOS,NOX, Source: My Own Little Women: Harry ...

So clever.


Harry Potter Party Game

cartoon,poster,moustache,brand,advertising, Source: Harry Potter Birthday Party | ...

Great version of the classic party game - Pin the Scar on Harry.


One of the most popular party games at a Harry Potter themed party is Pin the Scar on Harry. This game is a twist on the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game, where blindfolded players try to pin a paper scar on a poster of Harry Potter's face. This game is not only fun and engaging for party guests, but it also ties in perfectly with the theme of the party. It is also a great way to incorporate some DIY elements into the party by creating a homemade poster and paper scars. This game is suitable for all ages and is sure to be a hit at any Harry Potter party.



wood,material,POTIONS,HERBOLOG,BEASTS, Source: Until Wednesday Calls: How To: ...

Easy decorating idea that won't be hard on your budget.


Hogwarts Letters

art,ANA,Gee, Source: Harry Potter
Hang Hogwarts letters from thread


In the world of Harry Potter, receiving a Hogwarts letter is a pivotal moment for any young wizard or witch. These letters, delivered by owl, signify the start of their magical journey and invite them to attend the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For a Harry Potter themed party, hanging Hogwarts letters from thread can add an authentic touch to the decorations. These letters can be easily made with parchment paper and a Hogwarts seal, which can be found online or at a party supply store. Another fun idea is to personalize the letters with the names of the party guests, making them feel like they have received their very own invitation to Hogwarts. This simple DIY project will surely delight any Harry Potter fan and make them feel like they are a part of the wizarding world.


Mudbloods Beware

art,circle,shape,number,THE, Source: Strawberry cream cake

Don't use your best red lipstick.


Ice Cream Toppings

Underground Metal,canning,mason jar,product,lighting, Source: Harry Potter Party | ABC ...

Doesn't have to be toppings for ice cream. Use the same
idea for your candy or food table.


Ice cream toppings are a must-have for any party, especially for a Harry Potter themed one. With a variety of toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gummy bears, guests can create their own magical ice cream creations. But why limit these toppings to just ice cream? You can use the same concept for your candy or food table, providing a fun and interactive experience for your guests. And don't forget about presentation - using mason jars and underground metal cans as containers for the toppings adds a touch of wizardry to the table. This idea was inspired by a Harry Potter party featured on the women-focused DIY blog, ABC Creative Learning.


Mandrake Cakes

flower,food,spring,dessert,flavor, Source: my blog: #10- hunter potter ...

These are made by sticking plastic babies/dolls into chocolate cakes.


The Mandrake Cakes cleverly play on the magical plant from the beloved series. To enhance the theme, you could add a touch of green frosting around the base of each doll to mimic leaves, giving the illusion that the mandrakes are sprouting from the soil-like cake. For an immersive experience, consider serving the cakes with earplugs, just as one would require protection from a mandrake's scream in the wizarding world. These treats are sure to enchant your guests and become a charming conversation piece at any Harry Potter-themed event.


Whomping Willow

art,wood,modern art,screenshot,illustration, Source: welcome to our wizarding world ...

Make the branches by scrunching up brown paper or filling old panty hose.


The Whomping Willow is a magical tree that appears in the Harry Potter series of books and movies. It is a large, gnarled tree with long, drooping branches that can be used to hide characters or objects from view. It is located near the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is known for its violent temper. It is said to be able to move its branches and attack anyone who approaches it.

The Whomping Willow is a popular element of the Harry Potter universe and has been featured in many of the movies and books. It is often used as a symbol of protection and is a source of danger and mystery. It is also a popular subject for decorations and party themes.

For a Harry Potter themed party, you can create a Whomping Willow with some simple materials. To make the branches of the tree, you can use brown paper or fill old panty hose with newspaper. You can make the trunk of the tree with cardboard and cover it with green construction paper. You can also add leaves and other decorations to the tree.



product,bottle,drinkware,glass bottle,hand, Source: How-Tuesday: Bottled Potions | The ...

Make the contents from water and food coloring.


Potions are a fun and easy way to add a magical touch to any Harry Potter themed party. All you need is food coloring, water, and some empty bottles. Mix the water and food coloring together to create different colored potions, and pour them into the bottles. You can even add labels to the bottles with the names of famous potions from the Harry Potter series. For an extra touch, you can add some glitter or herbs to the potion. Have fun with it, and get creative!


Hat Cupcakes

food,dessert,cake,cuisine,birthday cake, Source: Harry Potter Viewing Party - ...

Easy food for a Harry Potter themed party.


House Scarves

clothing,product,furniture,art,pattern, Source: Jengerbread Creations: Harry Potter Party

If you can knit, you can whip up a batch of house scarves in no time.


Dementor's Kiss-Away

Muggle Shirt,food,produce,DEMENTORS,KISS, Source: Pieces by Polly: Free Harry ...

Transform some Hershey kisses.


Transform some Hershey's Kisses into magical treats by attaching small paper strips with spells or iconic quotes from the "Harry Potter" series. Wingardium Leviosa, Expecto Patronum, or simply Mischief Managed printed on these fluttering notes will enchant your guests. Tuck the notes under the foil of each kiss and arrange them in a bowl or scatter on the party tables for a sweet and spellbinding surprise that both Muggle and wizarding folk alike will adore. Don't forget to use Hogwarts house colors for an extra touch of enchantment!



color,text,font,pink,art, Source: Fantasy Sign Post: Pick your ...

Put one in your garden to guide your guests.


_To enchant your garden space with a magical touch, consider crafting a signpost that directs party guests to the various whimsical venues within your party. Point the way to Diagon Alley for shopping-themed games, signal the entrance to Hogwarts School for sorting hat ceremonies, or steer adventurers toward The Forbidden Forest for thrilling treasure hunts. With a bit of creativity, this charming detail can seamlessly transform your everyday garden into an immersive experience, conjuring up the wizarding world for everyone to enjoy.


Liquid Luck

skin,distilled beverage,lighting,drink,flavor, Source: Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party ...

Don't forget to have plenty of Felix Felicis around.


Owl Parcel Post

room,balloon,product,party,toy, Source: Harry Potter + Make-a-Wish Foundation ...

Another simple to make décor idea.


Chocolate Frogs

food,chocolate truffle,dessert,chocolate,edible mushroom, Source: sparrows and arrows: Harry Potter ...

Careful, they've got one good jump in them.


Chocolate Frogs are a whimsical treat that will enchant your guests, especially if they're fans of the iconic Potter series. Present these magical confections in boxes that mirror those from the films for an authentic touch. Each box can hide a collectible card featuring a famous wizard or witch to add to the fun. Use a simple mold to create your frogs, and with a dash of popping candy mixed into the chocolate, your guests will be delighted by the surprise 'jump' in every bite. It's a playful nod to the beloved franchise that will have partygoers spellbound.


Marauder's Map

art,pattern,material,MAR4E,Ings, Source: squidoo.com

Printable available online.


The Marauder's Map is an iconic item from the Harry Potter series. It is a magical map of Hogwarts that shows the location of everyone in the castle. The map is available as a printable online, making it a great addition to a Harry Potter themed party. It can be used as a decoration, or as part of a game or activity. It's a great way to bring a little bit of magic to your Harry Potter themed party. With the Marauder's Map, you can make sure that all your guests have a magical time.


Potions Cupboard

room,furniture,POTIONS, Source: Marvelous Hogwarts Inspired Harry Potter ...

List must include boomslang skin, lacewing flies, veritaserum, and bubble juice. and don't forget the bezoars.


The Potions Cupboard is an essential part of any Harry Potter themed party. It's a great way to add a magical touch to the event. The cupboard should be stocked with all the ingredients necessary for a successful potions lesson. This includes boomslang skin, lacewing flies, veritaserum, bubble juice, and bezoars. All of these ingredients can be found at most magical supply stores. The cupboard can also be decorated with wands, cauldrons, and other magical paraphernalia to give it an authentic Hogwarts feel. With the right ingredients and decorations, the Potions Cupboard will be the highlight of your Harry Potter themed party.


Levitating Lemon Drops

food,yellow,produce,LAI,Lemon, Source: real product reviews - Real ...

Or maybe call them sherbet lemons, Dumbledore's favorite muggle candy.


These Levitating Lemon Drops are a must-have for any Harry Potter themed party. The sherbet-filled lemon drops are a favorite of Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. These treats are sure to be a hit with any Harry Potter fan. They are easy to make and require minimal ingredients. All you need is some lemon juice, sugar, and sherbet. Simply mix the ingredients together and freeze for a few hours. Serve them up and your guests will be sure to be impressed!


Harry Potter Party Drinks-

font,clip art,diagram,brand,line, Source: Ascendio 2012: A Harry Potter ...

Alternatives to butterbeer.


This article provides 60 ideas for a Harry Potter themed party. It includes drinks such as alternatives to butterbeer, like pumpkin juice, gillywater, and firewhisky. It also provides ideas for decorations, activities, food, and games. It's a great resource for anyone looking to host a Harry Potter themed party. The article also includes a picture of a font, clip art, diagram, brand, and line from the book Ascendio 2012: A Harry Potter Party. This article is perfect for anyone looking to make their Harry Potter themed party the best it can be!



white,art,design,calligraphy,inches, Source: Little Page Turners: The Ultimate ...

Make sure there's one for everyone.


Wands are an essential part of any Harry Potter themed party. They can be used for decoration, as props in games, or even as party favors. You can make them yourself with wood, paint, and other craft materials or buy them from a store. Make sure to have enough for each guest to have their own wand. For a magical touch, you can even add a special spell or charm to each wand. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, your Harry Potter themed party is sure to be a hit!


Basilisk Calzone

dish,food,produce,cuisine,vegetable, Source: Harry Potter Party Recipes

Search out recipes for Harry Potter party food if you want more than candy and sweets. Don't forget the cauldron cakes and pumpkin pasties.


Free Printables

Album,product,label,brand,advertising, Source: My Cotton Creations: Family Life: ...

Just to give you an idea of the printable available for free online.


If you're a wizard at heart and planning a magical gathering, the internet is your treasure trove for free Harry Potter printables. From enchanting invitations that mimic the famed Hogwarts letters to bewitching drink labels to turn your sodas into potent potions, these printables add authentic touches that bring the Wizarding World to life. Whether you're decorating your own Burrow or creating a Diagon Alley marketplace, downloadable banners and signs are just a click away. Cast a spell on your party setup with these whimsical, easy-to-use decorations, and watch your guests be utterly spellbound.


Licorice Wands

food,flower,flavor,produce,LICORICE, Source: My Harry Potter Party 2010

Hope you've got a Honeydukes near you to stock up on supplies.


Licorice Wands aren't just a favorite at Hogwarts, but also at any Harry Potter-themed gathering. Easily replicable with real-world licorice sticks, these magical treats can be dressed up with edible glitter or bundled together with a golden ribbon to create the perfect party favor. If a local shop isn't readily available, an online order from a candy store might just have what you need to add that special touch of sorcery to your event. Don't forget to present them in a quirky jar or cauldron to truly capture the wizarding world charm!


Potter Party Games

, Source: How to Throw a Harry ...

If you want games create your own from ideas inspired by the stories or search the internet. Even something as simple as "Guess the number of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans" or "Find the Snitch treasure hunt" would be fun.


This article provides 60 ideas for throwing a Harry Potter themed party. It includes activities such as creating a spell book, making wands, and playing Potter-inspired party games. Suggested games include guessing the number of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, or a Snitch treasure hunt. With a little creativity, you can create a magical experience for your guests. Decorations could include floating candles, a sorting hat, and a giant poster of Hogwarts. You can also provide snacks such as cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, and butterbeer. With these ideas, you can create a memorable Harry Potter themed party for your guests.


Harry Potter Food

font,illustration,line,HOGWARTS,MENU, Source: Diamonds for Dessert: Harry Potter ...
There's lots of food mentioned in the stories so you shouldn't be short of inspiration for your Harry Potter party food. Don't forget Harry's favorite treacle tart.


Floating Candles

night,darkness,light,stage,lighting, Source: Protected Blog › Log in

Obviously, if you use real candles to hang from your ceiling, you can't light them.



outdoor play equipment,playground,play,backyard,swing, Source: harry potter party ideas
The outdoor version of Quidditch as promised.


This outdoor version of Quidditch is a great idea for a Harry Potter themed party. It is a great way to get your guests outdoors and active. The game is inspired by the popular Harry Potter book series and features two teams of seven players each. Each team has three chasers, two beaters, one keeper, and one seeker. The goal is to score points by throwing the quaffle (a ball) through one of the three hoops. The seekers must try to catch the golden snitch, which is worth 150 points. Quidditch is a great way to get your guests involved in the party and have a magical time.


Potage's Cauldron Shop

man made object,lighting,furniture,POTAGES,CAUDRONS, Source: Diagon Alley

Dedicate corners of your rooms/house top various establishments of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.



arm,automotive exterior,hand,spiral,finger, Source: The Bathroom

Spray paint a rubber snake and attach it to the sink in your Chamber of Secrets bathroom.


Education Decrees

lighting,PROCLAMATIEN,PRIGLAMATION,DrcrmuL,LITIAOULRICIUI, Source: Welcome to Hogwarts!

Make your own or use free printables.


Drinking Games

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,Harry Potter,line,the,Harry, Source: Random Funny Pictures - 45 ...

Adults only!


Harry Potter themed parties are perfect for any age group, but if you're looking to add an extra touch of magic to your party, consider adding some drinking games. Adults can enjoy a game of "Firewhisky" or "Butterbeer Pong" to get the party started. For a more low-key game, try a game of "Wizard's Quidditch" which requires players to balance a broomstick on the palm of their hand while drinking. For a more complicated game, try "Hedwig's Hunt" which involves players searching for objects around the house and answering trivia questions. No matter which game you choose, it's sure to add an extra spark of magic to your Harry Potter-themed party.


Owl Cake

owl,bird of prey,bird, Source: How to Throw a Harry ...

Just search Harry Potter cake to find all sorts of designs from owls to sorting hats.


This enchanting Owl Cake is perfect for adding some wizarding world charm to your party. Meticulously decorated to resemble a wise Hogwarts messenger, this centerpiece dessert will surely evoke the magic of the series. For the die-hard Potterheads, consider customizing the cake with different houses' colors or adding a tiny fondant wand or broomstick for that extra touch of magic. No gathering of Harry Potter fans would be complete without such a magical treat that pays homage to the iconic creatures of the beloved books and films.


Harry Potter Party - Sorting Hat

clothing,pink,art,product,petal, Source: Pinning with Purpose: Harry Potter ...

Make from old fabric and needle and thread.


Cauldron Punch

percussion,drum,product,drums,musical instrument, Source: Harry Potter Party - The ...

Make punch according to your guest list's age.


If the party includes little wizards and witches, prepare a bewitching butterbeer punch with cream soda, butterscotch syrup, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. For a spellbinding touch, add dry ice to create an enchanting mist. Adults can enjoy a more potent version with the addition of butterscotch schnapps – just remember to label the potions clearly. Serve it in a large cauldron to keep in theme, and don't forget the ladle for easy pouring. Cheers to a magical night that all ages will remember!


Undesirable No 1

poster,advertising,font,art,label, Source: hwtm.com

Boy, your printer is going to be working hard when you throw a Harry Potter theme party.


This poster is a great way to get the party started! It features a magical font that will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into the world of Harry Potter. The poster can be used for various purposes, such as a decoration, a party invitation, or even a game board. The poster also features a label that reads "Undesirable No. 1" as a nod to the Harry Potter series. With this poster, your Harry Potter themed party will be a hit!


Pin the Sock on Dobby

sketch,drawing,figure drawing,art,illustration, Source: Hosting A Harry Potter Party ...

Another version of the "pin the tail on..." game.



table,sink,shape,food,furniture, Source: Misc. HP Fun

What will your guests see?


Imagine the ,awe and wonder on the faces of your guest as they dip into your very own Pensieve! This magical centerpiece will not only be a conversation starter but also the perfect receptacle for festive beverages. Fill it with a swirly, glittery concoction that mimics the mysterious depths of a true wizard's memories. Let your friends whisper their dreams and giggle over shared recollections as they gather around your enchanting creation. It's more than just a party piece; it's a gateway to the heart and soul of your event.


Balloon Spider

spider,arachnid,invertebrate,arthropod, Source: childsource.ca

Put them in dark corners.

If you're throwing a Harry Potter party you can spend lots of money on buying lots of props and decorations or you can let your imagination run wild. If you know the books and films really well, you won't need much impetus to get your creative juices flowing.

Are you going to throw a Harry Potter Party? Share your ideas please!

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