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31 DIY Carnival Games for a Rockin' Party ...

By Neecey

You can recreate all the fun of the fair with DIY carnival games. It's always fun to go to a party with games, whatever your age. If you're having a themed party you can set the games up to co-ordinate with that theme, otherwise just go bright and colorful. Ready to flex your crafting muscles with some great ideas for DIY carnival games?

If you are throwing a Star Wars theme party, just style any of the following in Star Wars esthetic and it will be a rage!

1 The Kissing Booth

Circus,Hershey's Kisses,Bigger Bits and Pieces show at Metropolis Collective's, Trash Art Gallery,font,advertising, Via Free Carnival Party Printables

This is such a cute variation on the traditional kissing booth. Guessing quantities of whatever in whatever containers is always going to be among the easiest DIY carnival games to create at home.

2 Water Balloon Basketball

blue,signage,lighting,sign,advertising, Via Backyard Carnival Games Birthday Party ...

So easy if you've already got a hoop in your yard.

3 Ring Toss

bottle,lighting,liqueur,drinkware,glass, Via Trains, Thomas the Tank, Carnival ...

I think plastic bottles weighted with sand or rice would be a better choice than glass, especially if kids will be playing.

4 Ping Pong Toss

pink,art,party,food,flower, Via Halloween parade

When it comes to DIY carnival games, there are just sooo many ways to set up a ping pong toss.

5 Bullseye

play,flag,games, Via Kids Carnival Game Ideas for ...

Make target from felt and fix a strip of Velcro around ping pong balls.

noah i like it...

6 Balloon Darts

pink,balloon,toy,DARTS, Via Carnival Madness

Don't play this indoors. You'll have dart dents in your walls and floors.

7 Bean Bag Toss

play,party,event,23BA35, Via The Wedding Carnival}Carnival Games

Like ping pong toss, bean bag toss is one of the easiest DIY carnival games to create.

8 Mini Stilts

red,footwear,play, Fun for kids and adults (sober or not).

9 Tin Can Alley

color,pink,red,magenta,lighting, Via State Fair Month: Simple Carnival ...

You need minimal crafting skills to set up a cup version of tin can alley.

James you should do this...

10 Potty Toss

machine, Via Carnival Birthday Party Ideas | ...

An, erm, interesting update to the bean bag toss.

david yeah...

11 Dinosaur Dig

soil,play,sand,mud, Via Carnival Game and Booth Ideas ...

Such an easy idea. Bury hard boiled eggs in the sand with numbers corresponding to prizes.

12 Penny Pitch

play,kindergarten,fair,toddler,picnic, Via Disney Family | Recipes, Crafts ...

A great game for kids.

13 Ball Toss

leisure,player,football player,play,mural, Via

Customize an old bed sheet and string it up.

14 Plinko

yellow,play,NKO, Via Carnival/Circus Birthday Party Ideas | ...

There's no need for great carpentry skills to make a plinko board.

15 Fishing Hole

play,outdoor play equipment,Fishin',Hole, Via birthday party

There are various ways for the fisherman to hook a prize but I still think magnets work best.

16 Pumpkin Race

pumpkin,produce, Via One Charming Party | Birthday ...

The first one to sweep their pumpkin across the line is the
winner but it must be swept in small strokes, not batted.

17 Football Toss

sports,play,net,www.carnivalSavers,conf, Via Carnival Game Idea -- Football ...

Knock together a frame and hang a tire (or a blow up life preserver).

noah love football ...

18 Pipe Regatta

play,toddler,Mix,Six, Via

Some strips of guttering, some water guns and some toy boats and you're all set.

19 Frog Jump

play,art,toy,bed sheet,Carnival, Via Carnival Game and Booth Ideas ...

This is one of the more complicated homemade carnival games but it's such fun. The tutorial via the link tells you everything you need and how to make it.

20 Duck Pond

ball pit,play,toy,inflatable, Via Dias Family Adventures: Duck Pond ...

Well you can't you really have a carnival party without a hook-a-duck game of some sort.

21 Hole in One

play,sports,net,recreation,games, Via Carnival Game Idea - Hole ...

Minimal DIY skills required for this one.

22 Nose Pick Game

cartoon,art,comics,advertising,pattern, Via Unique Carnival Game Idea | ...

This is one of those gross kinda icky games kids love. It involves sticking their hand in a bucket of green slime.

eloise love it...

23 Frisbee Net

pink,product,play,wheel,sports equipment, Via Chicago area Carnival Game Rental, ...

Those Frisbees will be flying everywhere!

24 Lucky Key

art,advertising,banner,poster,mural, Via Unique Carnival Game -- Lucky ...

Got a spare door hanging around?

25 Tin Can Alley

color,blue,art,lighting,tiki, Via Things I have actually tried ...

Save up those cans and get a-painting.

26 Car Chase

color,yellow,green,hand,spring, Via DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track ...

Pipe lagging makes great car track!

27 Spinner

yellow,petal,art,flower,food, Via Carnival Game Spinner

The picture shows an old lazy Susan made into a spinning game. Not everyone is going to have a disused lazy Susan hanging around but you can make your own spinner.

28 Water Shoot

red,guitar, Via Kidddds- activities

Set ping pong balls on golf tees and use water pistols to shoot them off.

29 Marble Launch

outdoor play equipment,playground slide,play,public space,playground, Via Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...

The same idea as car chase but using marbles.

30 Step Toss

ladder,play,outdoor play equipment,tool,outdoor structure, Via

The idea is to toss the bean bag or ball in the gaps between the steps. I think this would look better if it were dressed up a bit.

31 Standup Tic Tac Toe

color,toy,number,Tic,Tac, Via Party Factor

Who doesn't love a good ole game of Tic Tac Toe?

What do you think? Will you be having a go at any of these DIY carnival games for your next party?

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