49 Fancy and Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas ...

By Eliza

49 Fancy and Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas ...

Sure, you can wrap a package with paper and a bow, but if you're looking for gift wrapping ideas that go above and beyond, you're going to love what you see here. It's great to give someone a gift that is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside, so here are some gift wrapping ideas to get you started.

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Great for Kids

www,lines,across,com, Source: Gift Wrapping Ideas: 6 Creative ...
A package that your child can color while he waits to open gifts? I say that's one of the best gift wrapping ideas there is.


Simple and Elegant

box,label,brand,wood,gift, Source: linprobable.tumblr.com
These simple square tags with a single sprig of greenery are perfect for a fancy Christmas party.


Chalkboard Paper

christmas decoration,To:,Dawid,From,Bouie, Source: christmas 'chalkboard' packaging | going ...
This paper is fun because you can customize it any way you want to. Kids will love it!


Love Letter

pink,petal,art,flower,paper, Source: bloglovin.com
Pink paper or written sentiments in pink are perfect for a gift you're giving your significant other. The brown contrasts perfectly.


A Little Girly

textile,material,paper, Source: living in simplicity: Lace & ...
The tiny scarp of lace topped with a ribbon is feminine, but not over the top. I'd use this on a Mother's Day gift or a friend's birthday present.

Famous Quotes

If you have a harem of 40 women, you never get to know any of them very well.

Warren Buffett


textile,ceramic,label,material, Source: Animal Gift Wrap
Use paper to create animal ears and add a marker face and whiskers to make any child happy before they even open the gift.


3d Hearts

pink,furniture,tablecloth,petal,textile, Source: 18 Pin-worthy Ways to Wrap ...
Tiny heart cutouts give this present personality and dimension.


Little Socks

pink,product,pattern,art,petal, Source: Homemade/Crafty
For a baby shower, these little socks are a great alternative to the usual bow.


Road Maps

art,art paper,pattern,paper,gift, Source: 22 Festive Holiday Craft Projects
Instead of wrapping paper, use road maps to cover your packages. Thread and buttons round out the look.


Photo and Pom

El Capitan, Winter, Yosemite National Park, California,flower,Cambiando,Strada, Source: (Black &) White Christmas DIY
A vintage photo and a craft pom pom make this gift perfect for a grandparent or parent.


Musical Number

art,wing,LET,MERRY,BE., Source: Holidays
This cute sheet music cutout is a great option instead of the usual old gift tag.


Word Search

product,bed,furniture,rectangle,TKMBIDMhh, Source: DIY word search gift wrap ...
This is a fun type of paper to use for a teen's gift. Leave some of the words hidden for him to find.


Vintage Inspired

art,petal,fashion accessory,flower,pattern, Source: {DIY} Vintage Inspired Favors and ...
Burlap and vintage fabric bows turn these tiny gifts into something that everyone is going to love.


A Name with a Bow

green,art,wedding favors,writing,hand, Source: Show off your crafty side ...
I love the simplicity of the stamped name of the receiver of the gift paired with the striped ribbon.


Glamorous Gold and Black

lighting,wood,design,table,furniture, Source: Glamours Gift Wrap
If you want a cohesive pile of gifts during the holidays, use just two colors and mix and match them in the paper and ribbon of your gifts.



handbag,art,bag,brand,textile, Source: 8 SIMPLE GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS ...
Raid your craft box and use bits and pieces from other projects to make unique gift wrapping embellishments.


Fuzzy Santa

red,pink,lighting,santa claus,christmas decoration, Source: Christmas time!
Red and white paper topped with a fuzzy white puffball brings Santa to your home.


White on White

petal,paper,wedding favors,flower, Source: A Cozy Christmas: Gift Wrap
This all white color scheme is elegant and classy and works for any gift.


Black and White

brand,pattern,design,MERRY,joy, Source: make your gift wrapping lovely ...
You can't go wrong pairing black and white ribbon and tags with plain brown paper.


Red and Green

flower arranging,wedding,flower,floristry,meal, Source: Recycled Gift Wrap
The traditional red and green color palette of these gifts make them perfect for the winter holidays.


These gifts are perfect for the winter holidays, as they feature a traditional red and green color palette. The image featured in the text is of a flower arranging, with a wedding flower, floristry, and meal. This is a great way to make a unique and fancy gift wrapping. The article is from the DIY section of a women focused blog. This is a great way to make use of recycled gift wrap and make something special for the winter holidays. With the right materials and a little bit of creativity, you can make something special for your loved one.


Burlap and Flowers

flower,gift,basket,gift basket,baby shower, Source: irisinteriors.wordpress.com
Instead of ribbon, use strips of burlap around your gift. Add a tiny bouquet of flowers to round out the look.


Silk Flowers

flower,petal,art,icing,food, Source: Pom Pom Gift Wrap
Start with white paper and glue silk flowers in different sizes and colors all over the outside of the gift.


Old Fashioned

furniture,room,living room,product,table, Source: 15 Creative And Chic Christmas ...
This pile of gifts makes me think of the 1920s. I love it!


Sweet Colors

green,fashion accessory,textile,material,wedding favors, Source: thefabguide.com
The gold, gray and turquoise colors of this gift make it perfect for a baby or bridal shower.


Paper Candles

wood,lighting,rectangle, Source: Gift Wrap: Washi Birthday Candles
Use bits of scrapbook paper and create some festive candles on the package.


Hole Punched

green,art,organ,leaf,flower, Source: We'll wrap it up for ...
Punch some holes in the paper to give people a tiny glimpse of what's inside.


Silk Butterflies

yellow,clothing,costume design,pattern,illustration, Source: That's a Wrap!
These silk butterflies add a fresh bit of life to the outside of this package.


Sweet Candy Wrapping

pink,red,art,dessert,gift, Source: designmixer.com.tr
If the gift will be opened soon, tie some cute candy to the outside of the package for a sweet surprise.


Gift Wrapping with Tulle

pink,petal,art,flower,textile, Source: Christmas Ideas We Love
Cut tulle into strips and use it to create your own customized bows.


Dress Shirt

art,pattern,paper, Source: Popularjpeg.com
Create this dress shirt package with paper, tiny buttons and a blue marker to make the lines.


Shiny Ribbon

flower,plant,art,petal,flower bouquet, Source: A Gift Wrapped Life - ...
This two-toned shiny ribbon adds a lot to plain paper.


Embroidered Gift Wrap

wedding favors,food,little,empty,room.blogspot.de, Source: little.empty.room: DIY . besticktes geschenkpapier
If you like to sew, create some customized little patterns on your wrapping paper.



art,gift,label,paper, Source: sulia.com
If you have a die cut machine, you can create any number of floral masterpieces for your gifts.


Add Some Lace

handbag,fashion accessory,art,textile, Source: homedit.com
Lace is the perfect thing to wrap around your packages.


Make It Masculine

brown,wood,lighting,art,furniture, Source: Christmas Present ~ Reptile Skin ...
The men in your life will love this richly colored package with a manly feel.


Vintage Inspired

wedding favors,gift,label,paper,han, Source: M A R I L ...
The silhouette is so fun on this package. Make one of yourself so everyone knows who the gift is from.


Offset Ribbon

green,box,art,paper,rectangle, Source: 绿色胶带的交叉包装-嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片,分享你所爱,结识心朋友

You don't have to get too symmetrical with the ribbon. Glue it in abstract patterns. You can also use washi tape to get the same effect.



THE,PRETTY,BLOG,PHOTOS,PASSION, Source: How to Print Your Own ...
The simple polka dots on the paper pairs perfectly with the spring of evergreen needles.


This text is describing a unique and creative way to wrap a gift. The paper used is a simple polka dot pattern which pairs perfectly with the evergreen needles of spring. This gift wrapping idea is perfect for a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. It can be used to wrap presents for friends, family, or even coworkers. The paper used is easy to find and can be purchased at most craft stores. Additionally, the evergreen needles can be collected from a nearby park or forest. With a few simple supplies, this gift wrapping idea is sure to make any gift extra special.


Pastel Hues

pink,art,interior design,textile,paper, Source: Ready to Go
Mix and match pastel hues to make packages that are fit for all the girly girls you spend time with.


Hobby Themed

Theatre,flower,wedding favors,SPOOLS,THREAD, Source: bloglovin.com
This gift is perfect for someone who sews, but you can customize it to match the hobbies of everyone in your life.


Elegant Turquoise and Brown

color,blue,clothing,fashion accessory,art, Source: A Gift Wrapped Life - ...
Turquoise and brown are the perfect backdrop for the peacock feathers and beads.


Hugs and Kisses

pink,heart,font,petal,organ, Source: gift wrapping
Paint simple X's and O's on white paper before handing this gift to your significant other.


Fancy Trimmings

red,plant,heart,food,flower, Source: Kraft Paper Gift Wrap | ...
Yarn, buttons and faux berries make the perfect trimming for these Christmas packages.


Yarn Wrapped

color,pink,purple,thread,art, Source: Community Post: 28 Unicorn-Approved Rainbow ...
Instead of ribbon, use brightly colored yarn wrapped around the box to add personality and pizazz to your gifts.


Wax Seal

dessert,food, Source: Custom Gift Wrap for Wax ...
This cute wax seal is way better than writing your name on the package.


Different but the Same

christmas decoration,christmas,gift,decor,christmas tree, Source: Gift Wrap Ideas: Buttons & ...
Each gift in the pile is a bit different, but look similar enough to go well together under the tree.


Blow Some Kisses

white,brown,flower,christmas decoration,fashion accessory, Source: m.lockerz.com
Slather on some lipstick and send your lover a box of kisses.


Paper Hearts

pink,heart,organ,petal,human body, Source: thefabguide.com
These whimsical paper hearts tied on with string make these gifts so sweet and adorable.


Pinecone with White Paint

brown,fashion accessory,flower,jewellery,pattern, Source: Gift Wrapping
This painted pinecone is the perfect addition to this brown and white wrapped gift.

Each time I wrap a gift, I see it as a challenge. What great things do you use when you wrap presents? Please feel free to add your ideas.

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