9 Secret Ways to Use Q-Tips Daily ...


9 Secret  Ways to Use Q-Tips Daily ...
9 Secret  Ways to Use Q-Tips Daily ...

There are plenty more ways to use Q-tips (we call them cotton buds in the UK) than for cleaning out your ears (which experts say we shouldn’t be doing anyway!). These little cotton swabs on a stick come in handy for many uses – particularly when you’re on the go or traveling. If you are going to try any of these ways to use Q-tips, I recommend you buy a good quality brand like Johnson & Johnson rather than cheapies from the dollar store – basically because you want nice full cotton swab ends.

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Makeup on the Go

How many times have you reached for a Q-tip when you needed to repair some eye shadow or dab up some lipstick bleed? Plus, we all know that one of the ways to use Q-tips in our beauty routine is as replacement applicators for makeup, but have you thought about extending that use further? If you are only carrying a small purse, or if you hate carrying your cosmetics around with you, Q-tips are the answer. Dip a q-tip in the eye shadow, lipstick, blush etc and pop them into those small plastic bags with the snap closures. They take up minimal space, but you’ve still got what you need for makeup repairs and touch ups on the go.


Perfume Swatches

I’m sure that if you don’t like to carry a cosmetic bag around with you, you don’t carry your perfume bottle either. Make your own fragrance swabs by dipping Q-tips into your perfume. Pop them into a Ziploc bag and into your purse and when you need a scent boost, rub the Q-tip on your perfume pulse points.


Camping Firelighters

Talking about things on the go – who wants to carry firelighters and cans of fire starter fluid in their backpack when going camping? No need to if you’ve got some Q-tips soaked in WD40 in a Ziploc bag.


Pet Aid

There are pet-friendly uses for Q-tips too. If you have a pet whose eyes get a bit gunky in the corners, don’t use your fingers or a tissue to remove the clumps. Dampen a Q-tip and use that instead. It’s safer, healthier and kinder.


Keyboard Assistance

A computer keyboard must be one of the grubbiest things we use on a regular basis – especially if you use a desktop. You can use a Q-tip to get in all the nooks and crannies between the keys. Dip it in rubbing alcohol for better cleaning effects.


Hairdryer Maintenance

Another of the ways to use Q-tips for keeping things clean is to de-lint the air filter of your hairdryer. The filter should be cleaned occasionally so fluff and lint won’t inhibit the air flow.


Loosen a Zip

Tug too hard on a stuck zip and you’re more likely to break it than make it budge. Instead, dip a Q-tip into something like shampoo, conditioner or fabric conditioner and use it as a lubricant to loosen the area where the zip is stuck.


Makeup Saver

How annoyed do you get when you can’t get that last remaining bit of your absolute favorite lipstick out the tube, or the last scrapings of any other make up in a tube or bottle? Fret no more – reach for an ever so handy Q-tip.


Glue Stick

Sometimes you need help with a precision glue job but you’ve only got glue in an applicator with a wide nozzle. Use a Q-tip to apply the adhesive where you need to. You can use Q-tips for everything from spreading false eyelash glue to sticking tiny porcelain fragments back on a chipped ornament.

Aren’t these cool uses for Q-tips? I’d love to hear more ways you know of and have tried. Do share.

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I hate cheap q-tips more than anything

Never for ears

I clean up smudged mascara with q-tips. Wait until the mascara is dry then take a DRY qtip and rub it over the smudge and it should just flake off

Q-tips are a must have for me! I use them to neaten my eye makeup, put on lip balm (pawpaw ointment), apply ointments etc. love them.

Gotta love those Q-tips!

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