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If you haven’t heard of borax, you should know that there are many different ways to use borax throughout your house. Borax is a powdery substance that is a natural mineral produced by the evaporation of seasonal lakes. It has been used for over a hundred years as an all-purpose household cleaner, and it is very effective. It will clean dishes, bathroom sinks, and it can even be used to clean clothes. Because there are many different ways to use borax, it is a great household cleaner to have on hand.

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Dishwasher Detergent

One of the many ways to use borax is as a dishwasher detergent. A simple combination of one part borax and one part baking soda will work great as a dishwasher detergent. You just add one to two tablespoons of this mixture to your dishwasher, and your dishes will be sparkling clean. You can also boost the power of the dishwasher detergent you already have by sprinkling ¼ cup onto the bottom of your dishwasher before you run it.


Grease Cutter

Kitchens have a tendency to become very greasy, especially if you cook you a lot. Yet, no one wants a greasy kitchen, and cutting through grease can be quite difficult. However, if you use borax to cut through grease, you won’t have to scrub too much. Dissolving ½ cup of borax in 1 gallon of water will make a solution that will cut through grease.


Remove Soap Scum

Cleaning the shower and bathtub can be such a pain if you have soap scum to remove. Thankfully, borax makes the job a lot easier. Sprinkling some borax onto a damp sponge will allow you to wipe away the soap scum fairly easily. A little scrubbing will be necessary, but it will be much each easier to remove the soap scum.


Toilet Cleaner

Of all the household cleaning chores there are, cleaning the toilet is one of the most dreaded. Who really wants to clean a toilet? If you use borax, you will not have to spend much time cleaning the toilet. Just pour ½ cup of borax into the toilet bowl and let it sit while you clean the rest of the house. Then, just use a toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl.


Pest Remover

While borax is a wonderful all-purpose cleaner, it also has other uses. For example, you can use borax to get rid of pests. Sprinkling a mixture of equal parts sugar and borax along the walls will keep roaches, water bugs, and ants away. You can also use borax to get rid of fleas by sprinkling it on dog beds, carpets, and any other areas where you suspect there are fleas. Don’t worry about poisoning your pets; much higher amounts are needed to be toxic to pets than to fleas.


Adhesive Remover

Getting sticky adhesive off of things can be a nightmare, and many products that remove adhesive have very strong odors. Instead of using these products, you can make a mixture with 2 parts borax and 1 part water. Then, rub the mixture onto the sticky area to get rid of the adhesive.


Drain Cleaner

Clogged drains are miserable to deal with, and most products that unclog drains are quite expensive. Borax is an inexpensive product that will effectively unclog a drain. All you have to do is pour ½ cup of borax down the drain followed by 2 cups of boiling water. Let the borax sit for 15 minutes. Then run water to flush the drain.

Borax is an inexpensive product that has been around for ages, and it is easy to find in the grocery store. It is almost always in the same aisle as the laundry detergent. Have you ever used borax?

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I love it! My grandma loves it when I use it to clean

Borax is great in the washing machine too! It softens the water and let's your detergent get to work on the toughest of stains. Just add 1/2 cup to the wash cycle with your favorite detergent!

And to disable leviathans, of course!

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