18 Tips for Being a ✌️Better Photographer 📸 ...

I started my photography journey when I was 16 so I know there are tons of tips for being a better photographer. All I ever did was take photos, arming myself with disposable cameras like they were going out of style. Turns out, they WERE, but I digress.

At the time, I knew NOTHING about ISO or lenses or focal length or even working with people, for that matter. I simply loved taking pictures! Almost a decade later, I decided to get serious.

In the past 7 years, I have grovelled and scraped and stayed up way too late learning everything I could to make myself a better photographer. I’ve learned what matters and what doesn't, and feel that I’ve amassed enough practical experience to share some tips with you! So here are my best tips for being a better photographer.

1. Equipment Means Nothing

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Whether you’re shooting with a full frame Canon or an Iphone, you can capture amazing shots! This is one of my best tips for being a better photographer.

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