7 Top Tips to Photograph Your Food for Insta like a Pro ...


7 Top Tips to Photograph Your Food  for Insta like a Pro ...
7 Top Tips to Photograph Your Food  for Insta like a Pro ...

There are a few tricks every good food blogger on Instagram knows to make their meals look so good. If you want to fill your feed with envy-worthy plates, here are a few things you can do to help you nail that shot (before your food gets cold).

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Clear the Clutter

fashion accessory, petal, art, organ, heart, Before you take a shot, make sure the background isn't cluttered with extra stuff, like salt shakers, napkins and such.


Angle is Everything

food, dessert, flower, wedding cake, icing, When you're shooting food (or anything else, really), try a few different angles to see which works best. I love the "from-above" angle, but that's not always going to work best.


A Little Background

food, flower, I love the shots that show a little bit of what went into the making or enjoying of a dish. Show the ingredients, your messy hands, the bite out of one of the cookies.


Make It Fun!

play, food, art, toy, cuisine, Sometimes it's fun to play with the shot a little bit, showing your creative, goofy side. Show yourself taking a bite of something ooey-gooey, or put your food in context - what are you doing with that sandwich or pizza? Where are you?


Light It up

ice cream cone, food, dessert, art, finger, Flash is usually a no-no, so try to go with natural light when you can. Play with the light and shadows too, to help create a mood.


Filter for Fun

food, dish, produce, flower, meal, I don't usually like filters, but they can be fun, too! Try a few and see if there's one you like.



painting, illustration, still life, porcelain, glass, Composites seem made for food shots, don't they? Play around with showing off your meal from different angles, or in different stages, in one composite shot.

So, my foodie friends, do you have any other meal-shooting and sharing tips to share? Do tell!

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