7 Genius πŸ’‘ Cleaning Hacks from Instagram πŸ“± That'll Have You Excited πŸ˜ƒ for Chores 🚰 ...

Although I love nothing more than going on a frenetic cleaning binge, I'm married to a wonderful girl who hates cleaning, so believe me when I say that I totally understand the value of a good cleaning hack. Actually, Instagram has some genius hacks that'll make everybody psyched to do their chores! Even if you already love cleaning, these Instagram hacks will make you love scrubbing and sweeping and organizing even more! And if you hate cleaning, well, you won't after this!

1. Make Your Rings Shine like New Again by Soaking Them in Hydrogen Peroxide

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Forget about remembering to pick up a jewelry cleaner at the store! Who remembers to do that, anyway? Pour some peroxide into a bowl and drop in your rings – no costume jewelry, of course! Let them soak a while and when they come out again, they'll be as shiny and sparkling as they were the day you got them!

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