7 DIY Storage Ideas for Small Apartments ...

Whether you're living in a tight space or a college dorm, you're probably in need of some of these storage ideas for small apartments. Especially if you're a young professional who just made the move to a big city, it may seem as though all of the stuff that you brought along on your move is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Fear not, apartment-dwellersβ€”we've compiled a list of some simple and practical storage ideas for small apartments that you'll be sure to love:

1. Bathroom Crates

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One of the many key storage ideas for small apartments is that you need to utilize every square inch of space. This means storing things vertically and utilizing perfectly good wall space that isn't already spoken for. These crates, when hung flush against a wall, create the perfect bathroom storage for any odds and ends and little things that you just cant seem to find space for. You can find wooden crates like these at craft supply stores and then paint them to match your decor.

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