21 Awesome Paint Color Palettes to Inspire Your Next Project ...

I'm getting ready to paint my living room and down the long hallway to the bedrooms beyond, so paint color palettes are all over my space right now. I have my ideas narrowed down, but there are still paint chips taped to the wall while I go back and forth between the ones I like best. Are you in the same boat? Maybe you need a change, but can't settle on a color scheme. I've been there too! What really helps is to see what others have done. Even if you don't copy it exactly, this can help inspire you to choose what you want. Check out these great paint color palettes and get ready to paint, paint paint.

1. Inspired by the Sea

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Via 11 peaceful paint palettes inspired ...
The ocean is a great way to inspire your paint color palettes. These soft colors are soothing and go really well together.

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