53 Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don't Require a Home Stylist ...


Coffee table decor is easy to do on your own and really adds personality to your living room.

If you've always thought you need a stylist to show you how it's done, you will be happy to know that that's simply not true.

Check out these stunning coffee table decor ideas and you'll be ready to rearrange yours on your own.

1. Double Color Palette

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Source: {pineplace}: 'Container Decorating'

Choosing just two colors for your coffee table decor ties everything together so it creates a cohesive look.

2. Guests' Comfort


Source: How To Create The Perfect ...

When you have guests over, place items on your coffee table that will make them comfortable.

3. Decorative Balls

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Source: Home Decor

These cool natural balls look great on a tray.

4. Candles and Books


Source: 5 Ideas to Accessorizing Your ...

Nothing goes together better than candles and books.

5. Remote Control Tray


Source: andrealeighharvey.blogspot.com

A cute tray is the perfect place to corral all of your remote controls.2

6. Knick Knacks

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Source: How To Style Your Coffee ...

Scatter a couple of your favorite sentimental pieces on your coffee table.

7. Lantern

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Source: Coffee Table vs Ottoman - ...

The lantern on this coffee table adds just the right amount of impact to the room.

8. Cozy Room


Source: Top 10 Best Coffee Table ...

The sweater wrapped candle holders make this display so cozy.

9. Little Statue

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Source: House Tour - Clean Cottage ...

The little statue looks great alongside the rest of the items.

10. Clear and Chrome

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Source: lynnmorgandesign.com

The clear vase is the perfect complement for the chrome balls.

11. Cake Stand

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Source: thepinkpeonies.com

I love how a cake stand becomes a covered display for bits and baubles.

12. Add a Live Plant



A small live plant is the perfect thing to put on your coffee table.

I love this idea!

Sleek Tray
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