9 Sweet and Adorable DIY Socks ...


Lately, I find myself gravitating towards craft projects that can keep me warm.

Case in point: these adorable DIY Socks.

The following list has handmade sock makeovers and projects for you and the little ones.

I admit, though, that I am drawn to the DIY socks fit for kids;

they're simply goshdarn cute!

1. Lacy and Knitted

Lacy and Knitted

If you can knit, you can give this fun pair of DIY socks a go.

You can wear them with booties this winter for a cute and chic style.

2. Stegosaurus


These are utterly delightful.

These were the DIYS socks I was talking about when I said that I preferred the craft projects for kids.2

Methinks I can still rock these, though.

Indoors, of course.

3. Bejeweled


These chic feet warmers are designer-inspired.2

Aside from being an affordable take on a potentially pricey purchase, this project is also great because you will need only sequins and beads, socks, and needle and thread to do it.

4. Funky Tie Dye

Funky Tie Dye

Look at these fun and colorful socks!

The tutorial after the link is for a pair of kiddie socks.

You can, however, apply the process on a pair of socks that fit your pretty feet.

Tie dye is still somewhat trendy this season so there is nothing stopping you from having a go at this craft project.

5. Thigh High

Thigh High

Here is a DIY tutorial for those who like to rock thigh high socks.

This is also fantastic if you happen to like the design or patterns of three pairs of socks.

The solution?

You combine them to make a thigh high pair!

Very clever.

This is a simple sewing project perfect for those who are thinking of starting adventures with a sewing machine.

6. Fold over Ruffles

Fold over Ruffles

These are absolutely darling.

I love the pink color and I love that these remind me of my kindergarten sock-wearing preference.2

I loved fold-over socks and yes, I preferred the ruffled pairs, too.

If your little girl feels the same, check out the DIY below.

Ruffled Knee High
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