7 DIY Duct Tape Projects You Should Try Now ...

DIY duct tape projects are becoming more and more popular and with the assortment of colors, designs and styles of tape out there now, you are sure to find a few rolls that are just perfect for you! These DIY duct tape projects are some of my absolute favorites; they are all insanely easy to make and you’ll have a great feeling of satisfaction with your finished product. Everyone has seen the duct tape wallets, so I’ve left them off of the list in order to give you a few newer options.

1. Drawer Organizer

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Dump out that junk drawer and make one of these gorgeous drawer organizers, which happen to be one of the easiest DIY duct tape projects around! All you need are a few cereal/pasta boxes in various sizes, cut down to an inch or two tall. Use the duct tape to cover the outside and line the inside of the boxes, then fit them into the drawer so they are snug and organize all of those pens, batteries, makeup products and trinkets you have strewn about!

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