10 Clever Ways to Reuse Hula Hoops ...

Hooping is experiencing a reemergence here in my part of the world and has recently given me motivation to research about ways to Reuse Hula Hoops. You'd think that I'd be talking about something workout-related but I am a crafter and my brain has a default DIY mode. For those who would rather craft with hula hoops than sweat with them, I hope that you find inspiration from this list. Let's check out these upcycling hula hoop ideas, shall we?

1. Hanging Light

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This is one very cool way to reuse hula hoops. In fact, when I get tired of the DIY popsicle sticks chandelier in our living room, I will surely be giving this hoop idea a try. Design variation: wrap the hoops in rope for interesting texture.


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