18 Clever πŸ’‘ DIY Hacks πŸ›  for Your Home 🏑 ...


For those of you that don't know, I just got a house in August and I absolutely love it – but I needed to do some research on some awesome DIY hacks out there for my home.

I wanted my house to smell awesome, I wanted to find unique and different ways to repurpose things and I wanted to really come up with shelving that worked for me.

If that sounds like you too, take a look below!

1. How to save Some Closet Space


So, so so folding my shirts this way now.

2. Great Smelling Home?

cup,coffee cup,food,caffeine,drink,

I've tried this multiple times and it so works!

3. Doorknobs for Towel Hangers

room,bathroom,sink,plumbing fixture,lighting,

These are beautiful and handy!

4. Display Bracelets on a Paper Towel Holder

fashion accessory,jewellery,

This will keep them uber organized.

5. Old Drawer + Knobs? Great Shelf!

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SO doing this in my bathroom.

6. Repurpose Old Necklaces...

clothing,wedding dress,dress,gown,bridal clothing,

And use them as curtain pulls.

7. Curb Appeal?

man made object,soil,backyard,garden,agriculture,

Switch out your plants easily by planting buckets in the ground and placing the plants inside!

8. Tiny Space?

room,living room,home,bedroom,cottage,

No problem!

Use your nightstand as a desk.

9. Prop Your Bed on Risers


And add in some plugs!

10. Use Rope to Hang Curtains

twig,hairstyle,wood,interior design,

It's chic and ever-so-cheap!

11. Want a Pop of Color?


Paint inside the door!

12. Hide Your Mouthwash

glass bottle,bottle,glass,drinkware,lighting,

Place it in a cool bottle.

13. Half Painted Walls is a Beautiful Way to Add Color

room,living room,wall,home,interior design,

...and to really make the room pop and lengthen.2

14. Use Contact Paper …

Collagen,brand,design,interior design,furniture,

To arrange your photo gallery before drilling holes.

15. Hinged Painting Will Hide Anything!

room,wall,house,floor,interior design,

OMG – so going to use this!

16. Cut up an Old Laundry Basket …

green,product,pattern,design,interior design,

For the PERFECT polka dots on your walls.2

17. An Old CD Tower …

room,shelf,product,furniture,interior design,

Can now hold all of your bathroom stuff!

Replace Ugly White Boards with Glass …
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