10 Beautiful DIY Votive Candle Holders ...


DIY Votive Candle Holders are fantastic projects for the weekend.

If you want your Thanksgiving celebration next week to be extra special, I think you will want to make a few of these DIY votive candle holders;

beautiful lighting is key to a lovely dinner party.

Happy crafting!

1. Laced Cement

Laced Cement

How gorgeous!

The cement idea alone is crafty but adding the lace texture makes these DIY votive candle holders 10x more beautiful.

This craft project will take you more than a day but the results will be worth the long drying time.

2. Glitter


Here is an easy way to make votive candle holders.

Take a candle holder, spray the inside with spray adhesive, and sprinkle with glitter.

Shake and make sure you cover every inch of the interior with glitter.

Let dry and add a tealight candle inside for fairy-like illumination.

3. Glass Pebble

Glass Pebble

For this particular craft tutorial, you will be needing store-bought candle holders, too.

Simply hot glue glass pebbles to the candle holder and let dry.

Enjoy with a battery-powered tealight lamp.

4. Apples


Now THIS is a handmade votive candle holder perfect for the season.

To make these, you will need lots of apples and perhaps a vintage basin on which the finished candle holders will be displayed.

5. Film Negative

Film Negative

Got lots of film negatives?

One of the crafty ways to recycle them is to use them in making a cute votive candle holder.

Basically, you will wrap and glue rows of negatives around a glass candle holder, put a candle inside, and call it a day.

Easy and fun!

6. Lace


This is my favorite from this list of DIY votive candle holders.

I can't help it;

I love, LOVE doilies!

Aside from the fact that these are pretty, these candle holders are very easy to make, too.

Check out Danni's tutorial below.

Tissue Paper
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