7 Adorable Ways to Recycle Crayons That'll Blow You Away ...


If you’re a craft addict or have kids, you no doubt need a few ways to recycle crayons to clear out all of those broken and smashed crayons you have stashed and stored in various places.

I know that I have tons of boxes filled with broken crayons and I’ve recently started to look into ways I can create something new out of the bits and pieces I have an abundance of.

I hope you like these ways to recycle crayons and use them to make something pretty!

1. Make New Ones!

Make New Ones!

Of all of the ways to recycle crayons, melting them down to make new ones is probably the most common.

You can choose to melt all of one color together, various shades of the same color or even several different colors, depending on what you’d like!

Make them in lined muffin tins or shaped candy molds.

Just pop them in the oven on 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes, then take them out and let them cool!

Good as new...no, better!

2. Crayon Paintings

Crayon Paintings

If you have a Pinterest account, you have no doubt seen tons of the crayons on canvas paintings.

They are beautiful and you can incorporate an incredible amount of other materials, such as stickers, glitter and scrap booking decals.

Affix your crayons to the top of a canvas or canvas panel with hot glue or tape, set your hair dryer on low and aim it towards the crayons to melt the wax!

Make sure you put newspaper or something down first so you don’t get melted wax everywhere!

3. Friendship Ornaments

Friendship Ornaments

Have you seen those friendship ornaments they sell in a lot of gift shops?

They can range from $39-$69!

You can make a smaller version yourself that are just as pretty as the blown glass ones you’d spend a fortune on!

Buy a pack of clear glass (NOT plastic) ornaments at your favorite craft store.

Sprinkle a few chunks of crayon into the opening and aim your hair dryer at the outside of the ornament as you twist and turn it to decorate the entire inside!


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