7 Lovely DIY Luggage Tags to Make before Your Next Adventure ...


Keeping track of your things is very important when you're traveling and to help you do that, we give you these lovely DIY luggage tags.

These look so easy to make that you have no excuse not to whip up one or two before you head out to the airport.

Make some DIY luggage tags for you and some to give away to your friends.2

Let's don our crafty caps and get some DIY-ing going.3

1. No-Sew Leather

No-Sew Leather

This DIY luggage tag is perfect for those who prefer minimalist accessories over colorful ones.

To make this, you will simply be gluing two rectangular leather pieces.

One of these should have a window in the center, through which your information can be seen clearly.

2. Sewn Prints

Sewn Prints

If you prefer to sew your handmade luggage tag, this curved pattern is sure to make you smile.

For this project, you will need fabric, heavy stabilizer, ribbon, clear vinyl, and fabric glue.

You will also need this pattern.

Make sure to read the instructions before cutting your fabric pieces.

3. Leather Letter

Leather Letter

A luggage tag doesn't necessarily have to have your information.2

Sometimes, all you need is a hangtag that will help you recognize your bag on the conveyor belt.

A great idea is to sew an initial leather tag.

Simple cut two letter leather pieces, sew together, make a slit by the upper section, and insert ribbon through this slit.

4. Monogrammed


Another way to add a personal touch to your handmade luggage tag is to embroider your initial.2

You can do this by hand or using the sewing machine.

Under the monogrammed fabric flap is a rectangular window through which your actual information can be read.

5. Colorful Felt

Colorful Felt

Here is another DIY luggage tag that will make it easy for you to recognize your bag at the baggage claim.

The trick is to use felt fabric in very loud colors.

Other materials that you will need for this craft idea are scissors, ruler, disappearing ink pen, and a sewing machine.

To make this luggage tag, you cut a felt piece like this, fold the lower bottom toward the long strip, and sew along the sides.

You just made a pocket.

Insert your printed information into this pocket before you fly.

Printed Fabric
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