7 Really Cool Things to do with Mason Jars This Winter ...

There are so many things to do with mason jars. I mean, I used to wonder what on earth had made them so popular, and now I have a Pinterest board dedicated to cool mason crafts that I haven’t got round to trying yet. They’re versatile, perfect for styling and they make a great DIY gift! Here are some of my favorite things to do with mason jars. Give them a try!

1. Mobile Manicure…

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One of the easiest things to do with mason jars is to turn them into a Manicure in a Jar. Collect up all the things that you’d need for a manicure – a cute nail polish, nail clippers, files, nail stickers, a nail art pen, cotton balls, whatever you can think of. Then grab some colorful tissue paper. Arrange the manicure kit around the inside of the jar, and add in the tissue paper to hold everything in place. Draw or make a cute label, and you’ve got a personalized gift that’s cheap and impressive.

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