7 Fresh DIY Ways to Update a Plain T-shirt ...

If youโ€™re looking for ways to update a tshirt, you can always go for the DIY approach. With a bit of basic crafting know-how, you can easily take a plain old tshirt to new and fashionable heights. Draw inspiration from current trends and then see how you can adapt them to the humble tee. Get crafty and take a look at these ways to update a tshirt.

1. Switch the Sleeves

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One of the more on-trend ways to update a tshirt is to switch up the sleeves. Weโ€™ve seen a big trend lately for tops with contrasting sleeves. It could simply be fabric in a different colour, or maybe a completely contrasting material altogether. What youโ€™ll need to do is remove the current sleeves on your tee - either by unpicking them or cutting them off - and then using the old sleeves as a template, sew the new sleeves back on. For example, adding leather-look sleeves to a slouchy tee is a popular look right now.

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