8 Fantastic DIY Painted Floor Ideas ...

DIY Painted Floors are great home renovation projects for those feeling brave enough to tackle something that involves many steps. These DIY painted floor ideas are time-consuming, yes, but they are cheaper compared to getting new carpeting or flooring. And it goes without saying that these painted floor tutorials also give you lots of fun ideas on how to make your home truly unique and beautiful.

1. Stencil on Wood

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When you search for painted floor DIYs online, this yellow goodness is one of the first tutorials that you will encounter. This is from Marzi's living room. The original flooring was carpeted maple wood. She and her family painstakingly removed the carpet, sanded and smoothed the wood, primed it, painted the base color (yellow), and then added pretty stencils in white. The result: the most adorable living room floor in history!


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