7 Great Popsicle Crafts Kids Can Make ...


OK, so you’re probably thinking, “Popsicle stick crafts, is she serious?” I sure am, because these aren’t your mama’s popsicle stick crafts!

These are creative blogger popsicle stick crafts that will surprise you and inspire your next craft activity.

So, let your imagination run wild and crafty with these fun ideas that will become great gifts for your little one’s teachers, siblings, friends and grandparents!

1. Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelet

I bet you would have never thought a bracelet could be on my list of popsicle stick crafts!2

So how does one make a wooden bracelet from a stick?

The trick is to soak the popsicle stick in water long enough that it becomes bendable, then you put it in something that will help the bracelet form until it molds into the shape you're looking for.3

Check out the rest of this great tutorial over at mamamiss.com.

2. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

You may have seen this idea before, but I can’t believe I never thought of making picture frames with popsicle sticks!

These would be a great idea for grandparent gifts, especially on Mother’s Day to give your mom something your child made by hand.

You could also use them to display pictures with the Easter Bunny or Santa!

Don’t forget to decorate them with colorful paint and stickers.

3. Popsicle Stick Chandelier

Popsicle Stick Chandelier


This is pretty incredible and one your kids will love to help put together with mom or dad.

By the way, this DIY was put together by our very own Meream, who has an amazing blog called Bored & Crafty.2

One way you can dress up your chandelier would be to paint your sticks with glitter, which would be perfect if you’re using it to decorate for a party.

Now I really want to go shopping at the craft store to buy a box of popsicle sticks!

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