35 Dazzling ✨ Easter Crafts 🎨 You Totally πŸ’― Need to Make πŸ›  This Year πŸ“† ...


Easter is a time to celebrate, and making fun crafts is one way to do just that.2

There's a certain satisfaction that comes with making something yourself.2

You know it, don't you?

Whether you're looking for something fabulous to decorate your home with or you want something fun to entertain the kids, you will find it here.

Have fun!

1. Pom Poms, Clothespins and Paint

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Source: Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting

This is really fun, no matter what age you are, but kids will love it!

2. Easter Wreath

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Source: Country Is...: Crafts

What a fun way to decorate your front door as Easter gets closer.

3. Bunny Banner


Source: Easter is on it's way

Scrapbook paper and cotton balls are all you need to make this fun banner to hang anywhere in your house.

4. Salt Dough Eggs

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Source: DIY: Salt Dough Eggs

This is easy to make and you can get as detailed and elaborate as you want when you decorate the eggs.


5. Fingerprint Sheep

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Source: Fingerprint Sheep Craft for Kids

Make a sweet memento of your kid's tiny fingers by making this adorable sheep.

6. Wooden Bunnies

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Source: 2x4 Wooden Bunnies - creativemeinspiredyou.com

Got some leftover wood laying around?

Make some bunny friends for your front porch.

7. Easter Mason Jars

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Source: Easter Mason Jars Craft

Mason jars are having a serious moment, and these are a fun way to use some of yours.

8. All Blinged out

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Source: Don't Be a Chicken! Try

Take cheap plastic Easter eggs to the next level with some rhinestones.2


9. DIY Daffodils


Source: Mend and Make New: DIY

This fast and easy craft is great for keeping kids entertained and getting something cool when you're done.

10. Bunny Rabbit Handprint


Source: sassydealz.com

Here's another keepsake craft you'll love getting out each year when Easter rolls around.

Yarn Bunny
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