8 Amazingly Magical DIY Fairy Gardens You Have to Make ...


Add a dose of magic to your home by making a DIY fairy garden.

There are many ways to go about making one.

A DIY fairy garden can be in a small vessel that you can display inside your house.

You can also make one right in your garden.

You don't even have to exert a lot of effort into convincing your kids to help you make a fairy garden;2

this project is too fun that they would not want to refuse.2

1. Add Doors to Trees

Add Doors to Trees

This is one of the easiest ways to make a DIY fairy garden.

Basically, you glue a cute door to a tree and call it a day.

You can choose to use a pre-made dollhouse door for this project or fashion one on your own.

You can make a door using wooden pieces from the craft store, a bit of paint, a bit of twine, and other nature-themed accessories.

Source: erynwithay.typepad.com

2. Make Miniature Toadstools

Make Miniature Toadstools

How cute!

These miniature toadstools are made of polymer clay and toothpicks.

The first step to making DIY toadstools is to form a small mound of clay.

Embed one end of the toothpick to the flat side of the clay mound.

Bake until they are hard.

Once they cool, take them out of the oven and start painting.

Source: themagiconions.com

3. Give It a Beach Theme

Give It a Beach Theme

Say your fairies are of the coastal variety.

You don't want to make them a garden that is heavy on the woodland themes, of course.

What you want to do is fashion a sanctuary that will remind them of the beach and the waters.

We suggest adding lots of shells and pieces of driftwood to your DIY fairy garden.

Source: thelittlemonsterblog.com

4. Construct a Clay Pot House

Construct a Clay Pot House

How lovely is this tiny fairy house?

I am loving that door!

This is made of a clay pot turned upside down.

Using pre-mixed grout as adhesive, the house was covered with gravel and sand.

Flat glass marbles were also glued to act as windows.

Tiny shells were added as finishing touches.

Source: thechillydog.com

Make a Fort for Your Fairies
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