7 Different Stitches You Can Use While Knitting ...

I’ve been knitting since 2005 and I’ve only just started to explore different stitches you can use while knitting. To me, I’ve been in the same routine so long that I never really felt the urge to switch it up. I mean, after all, I was knitting blankets and baby hats in good quality, so why complicate matters by adding anything else? Part of it was fear of messing up but then I found some manageable and pretty cool stitches you can use while knitting that I think are worth checking out.

1. Knit

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The majority of my knitting career has been comprised of knitting the β€œknit” stitch. In this stitch you can use while knitting, you simply put the needle in front of the stitch with the yarn behind the needles. Push the working needle through the stitch and behind the other needle. Wrap the yarn around the working needle from back to front before pulling the stitch up and over onto the working needle. Simple.

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