7 Awesome Reasons to Start Sewing ...


There are some awesome reasons to start sewing! If you've always thought that sewing is for grannies, or you're haunted by your failures in 6th grade Home Economics, you should start to look at sewing in a new light. Take inspiration from the many amazing sewing blogs - if they can produce gorgeous and interesting clothes, then so can you. Remember, everyone had to start somewhere. Here are some of the awesome reasons to start sewing …

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Clothes That Fit

One of the best reasons to start sewing is that you will be able to tailor your clothes to fit. Whether you make clothes from scratch or simply alter existing pieces, it will be fantastic to have clothes that fit you perfectly. Most of us have bodies that don't fit the sizing of ready-made clothing in some way, but once you have mastered the art of alterations, your clothes will be just right for you.



Everyone needs some creativity in their life, and sewing is a great way of enjoying a creative hobby. There are so many aspects as well. You can make or alter clothes, make furnishings for your home, or even do textile art. It's an immensely satisfying hobby, and you can enjoy the results for a long time.



Do you hate looking like everyone else? Have you ever suffered the embarrassment of bumping into someone wearing exactly the same thing as you? This just won't happen when you sew your own clothes. It's the perfect way of ensuring that you look stylishly individual.



Once you start sewing you're bound to get hooked. It's a really enjoyable way of spending your spare time. You'll love browsing markets and stores for interesting fabrics and trimmings, and spend every spare moment at your sewing machine. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you created something unique for your wardrobe.



Sewing is also a brilliant way of customising your clothes, whether it's something you made yourself or a garment you picked up at a thrift store. That smart but dull black dress may perk up with a sparkly trim, and a too-long dress could be perfect with some of the length chopped off. You can even change a garment and turn it into something completely different.


Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts can be much nicer than anything bought from a store. The recipient will appreciate the effort that has gone into it and enjoy it much more than a store-bought gift. All too often gifts look like no thought has gone into choosing them at all, but a handmade gift shows that someone has really tried to make something you'll love.



Buying fabric can be expensive, but aside from the cost of a machine, sewing is generally a pretty budget-friendly hobby. You can alter clothes that are already in your closet, refashion thrift store bargains, and get a whole new wardrobe for very little cash. So if you don't have a lot of spare cash, you can still look great.

Once you start sewing you'll soon be hooked. It will revolutionise your wardrobe as well as being a really enjoyable hobby. If you're too nervous to try on your own, sign up for an evening class to show you the way. Have you ever refashioned a garment?

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This article came very timely since I haven't sewn in a while and have some projects to work on. I'm now very inspired! Thank you!

Tried years ago with my Grandma and i was terrible, but i always wished i could be like 'that's so raven' and make all my clothes with style like she did.

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