7 Absolutely Adorable Bird's Nest Craft Projects You Have to Make ...

You might think that a bird's nest craft project is too close to Easter in theme but it's an idea that can work all year. From the list of DIYs we have below, you can see that bird's nest to wear or to decorate your home with is too cute to pass up. If you're in the mood to make something utterly adorable for no reason at all, these bird's nest DIYs are perfect.

1. Aluminum Foil and Moss

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The base used for this particular bird's nest DIY is aluminum foil. To form a nice bowl-like shape, you will need to mold the aluminum foil using an actual bowl. You then cover said foil with moss and twine. Do this using hot glue. Once you have a nice nest, add eggs.

Source: hgtv.com

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