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If you've not decorated for the holidays yet, you have the perfect opportunity to really make a very different statement this year by picking one of these alternative Christmas trees.

I'm definitely bookmarking this article because I've fallen in love with some of these ideas.

You can use them in place of your regular tree or have your regular one in one room, and these in other rooms of the house.

And if you've only got a small space and no room for a regular tree, you are so going to be wowed by some of these alternative Christmas trees and will rush to get decorating.

1. Bauble and Light Tree

Bauble and Light Tree

Source: 60 Wall Christmas Tree - ...

If you don't have wall space or floor space, there are alternative Christmas trees that can be created on a door.

2. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Source: Pallet Christmas Tree - Make ...

You'll find lots of designs for alternative Christmas trees using pallets.2

3. Red Winter Berries in a Glass Jar

Red Winter Berries in a Glass Jar

Source: Our alternative Christmas tree - ...

Minimal but beautiful and eye-catching.

4. Chalkboard Tree

Chalkboard Tree

Source: 17 Alternative Christmas Trees

Be a festive artist.

5. Pipe Tree

Pipe Tree

Source: Christmas Trees: Make It Sparkle...

Cut lengths of pipe, stick them together in a tree shape and fill with baubles.

6. Nailhead Trim Trees

Nailhead Trim Trees

Source: Alternative Christmas Trees

What a fun way to decorate your yard.

7. Pages Christmas Tree

Pages Christmas Tree

Source: KAndeArt.com > Old Home Page ...

How much fun is this?

So different.

8. Driftwood Tree

Driftwood Tree

Source: Alternative Christmas Trees

Celebrate Christmas with some coastal flair.2

This driftwood beauty is both creative and classy.

9. Bauble Tree

Bauble Tree

Source: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas ...

Ideal for small spaces.

10. Light Christmas Tree

Light Christmas Tree

Source: 21 Ways To Decorate A ...

I love all these wall mounted trees.

Coastal Branch Tree for Christmas
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