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Here Are the 31 Coolest Coat Racks Ever ...

By Eliza

A coat rack will totally change your life! You can install it near your front door and hang all that detritus that always ends up on the floor. In an instant, your space will be neater and more organized. Who doesn't want that? Coat racks come in a bunch of different styles so you can definitely find one that suits your needs. Here are the coolest ones I was able to find.

1 From a Wooden Pallet

From a Wooden PalletVia
If you're into pallet crafts, you can easily create this cool coat rack for your entryway.

2 Branches

BranchesVia 10 Amazing Log Decor Ideas ...
Isn't this cool? It would add such personality to your entry way.

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3 Old French Door Repurposed

Old French Door RepurposedVia Old French Door Repurposed as ...
You wouldn't believe all the things you can turn into a coat rack, including this old door.

4 Coat Rack Bench

Coat Rack BenchVia
This handy bench doubles as storage and gives you a fun way to show off your coat rack above.

5 Adding a Coat Rack to Your Wainscoating

Adding a Coat Rack to Your WainscoatingVia
Make your coat rack really stand out by adding some architectural elements to it.

6 Hooks with Mismatched Picture Frames over Top

Hooks with Mismatched Picture Frames over TopVia Frame gallery in the entryway
This look is perfect for your entryway and won't take up any space.

7 Palette with Hooks

Palette with HooksAdd some hooks to a pallet and you have an instant coat rack!

8 From a Branch

From a BranchVia Awesome DIY Inspiration: Branch coat ...
This is pretty cool, don't you think?

9 Laundry Ladder

Laundry LadderVia 10 Laundry Room Storage Ideas ...
Move this to your foyer for a fun and interesting place to hang coats, hats and scarves.

10 Old Wooden Door

Old Wooden DoorVia 25 Ways to Reuse and ...
Here's another perfect way to show off how cool a door turned coat rack can be.

11 Double Hooks

Double HooksVia
Two rows of hooks ensures that people of all sizes can reach to hang up their own coat.

12 Storage Baskets

Storage BasketsVia
Add some baskets to your bench so you have a built in place to store shoes and other items.

13 Corner Rack

Corner RackVia Entryway Shoe & Coat Storage ...
This corner rack is perfect for small spaces, but doesn't sacrifice on function.

14 Picket Fences

Picket FencesVia
Don't toss that old fence - turn it into this.

15 Industrial Pipe Projects

Industrial Pipe ProjectsVia
Would you hang this in your house? It has such a great contemporary feel.

16 Tree Branch Decor

Tree Branch DecorVia Tree Branch Decor Vinyl Wall ...
This decal with a couple of hooks added makes for one great looking coat rack.

17 DIY Coat Rack

DIY Coat RackVia DIY Industrial Coat Rack - ...
This looks pretty easy to make. Could you do it?

18 Stuck to the Wall

Stuck to the WallVia Shanty Hall Tree Bench for ...
Make sure your coat rack is adhered to the wall so it stays in place.

19 Lean against the Wall

Lean against the WallVia 20 Crafts To Make You ...
Of course, you can always just lean an old door against the wall to create the perfect coat rack.

20 Free Standing Rack

Free Standing RackVia 33 Insanely Clever Things Your ...
This coat rack is cool because you could move it around as needed.

21 Great Placement

Great PlacementVia
I really love how the coat rack is placed next to a coat tree. Looks cool, huh?

22 Salvaged Column Coat Rack

Salvaged Column Coat RackVia 23 of Our Best Salvage-Style ...
If you can get your hands on one of these, don't let it go.

23 Old Shutter

Old ShutterVia 19 Easy DIY Coat Rack ...
This is fantastic! And so easy to make on your own!

24 Modern Style

Modern StyleVia Enkelthed og storslået natur
You can easily make your coat rack into something that melds with your décor and style.

25 Bright Colors

Bright ColorsVia
Don't be afraid to paint your coat rack a fun bright color like this pink.

26 Sliced Wood Coat Rack

Sliced Wood Coat RackVia 30+ Ways to DIY Sliced ...
Have an old woodpile out back? You have the perfect materials for making this.

27 Hidden Shoe Rack Storage

Hidden Shoe Rack StorageVia
I must have this! What an awesome way to get clutter out of sight.

28 Build It Yourself

Build It YourselfVia
This looks like something that would be fairly easy to make on your own.

29 Behind the Door

Behind the DoorVia
The door that opens makes this a handy place to keep things out of the way.

30 Old Doorknobs

Old DoorknobsVia
Old doorknobs are a great way to create hooks on your coat rack.

31 Driftwood Coat Rack

Driftwood Coat RackVia
This would definitely make a statement in your house, right?

Do you have a coat rack? Mine is covered in coats, hats and scarves, but it's under there somewhere. Do you see one here that you love for your house?

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