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Thinking that you could use a new DIY cape in your wardrobe? We have just the right tutorials and styles for you. These DIY poncho projects are perfect for all levels of crafters. Most of these will require the use of a sewing machine but the stitches and steps are really quite simple. We're sure you'd be able to construct one cute DIY cape using one of the tutorials below:

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Studded Now this is a DIY cape that will make Little Red Riding Hood jealous. Not only is this red cape gorgeous, it is easy to make as well. In fact, it requires no sewing whatsoever. Basically, it requires only cutting, attaching the studs, and gluing the front closure. To make your own, you will need a large fleece blanket, a leather buckle, studs, and industrial glue.

Source: apairandasparediy.com



Audrey-Inspired How pretty! I love the use of gray and black here. The large buttons are great details, too. Much like the first pattern, this particular DIY cape will require a circular piece of fabric. The opening for this one, however, will be cut along the side, in a diagonal way. To finish the hem and the neckline, bias tape will be needed.

Source: inhonorofdesign.com


Cowl Neck Style

Cowl Neck Style If you want your DIY cape to protect you from the elements, this should be the perfect sewing project. This looks complicated but it's actually pretty simple. This involves a square part for the front and back of the body and a tube-like section that will act as the cowl neck. The latter, if large enough, can also double as a hood.

Source: mollytov.com


Easy Cape

Easy Cape Ohhh, gorgeous. And yes, as the title states, this one is actually incredibly easy to make. In fact, the hardest part here would be finding the right fabric. Something with a pattern much like the one shown above would be lovely. Any wool blend fabric that will keep you warm and drop nicely down your body when worn should be perfect.

Source: merricksart.com


Blanket Cape

Blanket Cape This looks absolutely cozy and cute. You may use an actual blanket for this fun sewing project. Something that has a nice pattern and is light enough to wear would be just the ticket. You fold the blanket in half and cut out a neckline along the middle area. Cut the hem according to how long you want the cape to be. Wear and tie along your waist with a strip of fabric (or blanket).

Source: harpersbazaar.com



Ruana How lovely is the uneven hem style of this DIY poncho? The trick to making a poncho or cape as gorgeous as this is to have the right amount of fabric. The print or design will be crucial as well. To make something like this, you fold the fabric, cut the front opening and neckline, and then sew to keep from fraying. You can wear this poncho in several styles.

Source: planb.annaevers.com


V-Neck Cape

V-Neck Cape This is a simple variation of the other DIY capes that we have mentioned here. This particular style, however, will give you a V neckline. It also gives fantastic steps on making holes for the belt or any strip of fabric that you will want for cinching your cape.

Source: fashion.onblog.at

Most of these DIY capes or ponchos will require fabric in a substantial size. Something with at least 54" in width should be ideal for some of the circular patterns.

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