No Need to Buy New Fall Cardigans; Embellish Old Ones Using One of These Crafty Ideas ...

Colder season is upon us. You might be itching to do a bit of shopping but we suggest that you hold on to your cash just a little bit tighter. There is no need to buy new cardigans or sweaters. Why don't you head on to your nearest craft store instead and buy materials for embellishing your old fall outerwear? You will be able to save money that way and you get to work with your hands, too. Win-win, if we do say so ourselves.

1. Leather with Cut-out Sleeve

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How lovely! This cardigan makeover is inspired by a Christopher Kane piece with floral embellishments. The designer piece comes with bejeweled flowers but we think this leather idea is much cuter. You can use leather in a single hue for your flowers or you can go the multi-colored route. Add crystal buttons or beads for a more visually appealing effect.


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