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There are plenty of different ways to update an old jacket to give it a new lease of life. We’re seeing a big trend towards customized and DIY-inspired looks, and the jacket is the perfect place to get started this season. Whether it’s a recently thrifted jacket or something that you’ve had for ages, a little update can make a big difference. Take a look at these crafty ways to update an old jacket.

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Patch When it comes to popular ways to update an old jacket, there’s been a trend for jackets with patchy appearances. It’s quite a DIY inspired look. Instead of paying a fortune for a brand new version, try creating your own using an old jacket. You could iron on your own embroidered patches and appliqués for a punk-inspired look or cover entire jacket panels with contrasting fabric for something bolder.



Dye Another way to update an old jacket is to dye it. Grab a packet of fabric dye and dye a plain white blazer. Or bleach a denim jacket. Or try your hand at tie-dying if you’re after something a bit more boho. Keep in mind that lighter fabrics will be easier to dye and yield better results. Also remember to always follow instructions and to check that the material is appropriate for dying.



Stud Studs are popular DIY materials. They’ll instantly add some edge to your look. Try studding an old jacket to give it a punk rock inspired feel. Stud the collar, shoulders , sleeves, or even the whole damn jacket! You can be as subtle or obvious as you want.



Sequin Not a fan of studs? Maybe you’re more of a sequin person, then. Adding some sequin details to an old jacket can be a fun way off giving it a more glamorous feel. Sequins can work on anything from a denim jacket to a khaki parka. Try sewing or gluing (depending on your skill level and patience) sequins onto the collar for a simple yet stylish update.



Chop Take a pair of scissors to your jacket to turn it into something a bit different. A simple approach is to just chop the sleeves of to turn it into a vest. However, you could also take inspiration from the designer runways and create cut out details at the shoulders and back or create slits along the sleeves.



Paint If you’re feeling a bit artistic, try taking to your old jacket with some paint. It’s very DIY and has a bit of a punk aspect to it. Just get your hands on some fabric paint and start creating a piece of art. Failing that, a few geometric patterns here and there will give your jacket an instant update.



Collar Popping on a statement collar or stole over the top of your jacket can be an instant style updater. Adding something like a collar or stole is also great as they’re interchangeable between jackets. Try a shearling collar over a denim jacket for a casual look or pop a faux fur stole over a wool jacket for something dressier. If you can’t buy one, DIY your own using materials from craft and fabric stores.

These are just a few ideas for customising an old jacket. The great thing about updating an old piece of clothing is that if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you planned, it’s not like you’ve ruined a brand new or favourite item of clothing. Do you have any ideas for updating an old jacket?

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