11 Incredible DIY Valentine's Day Decorations ...


Whether you are decorating for a party or you are just trying to make your home festive, DIY Valentine's Day decorations are a must!

These decorations are super easy to do, so even if you don't have a crafty thumb (like me!), you'll still be able put these awesome decorations together!

1. Paint Chip Heart Garland

Paint Chip Heart Garland

Have you ever wondered exactly what to do with all of those paint chips that you have around the house from when you were going to paint every room pink and purple?

Well, this is one of the many DIY Valentine's Day decorations where you can actually use those paint chips and turn them into something awesome!

This garland could be hung anywhere and it's super festive!

Tutorial: sisterssuitcaseblog.com

2. Love Canvas

Love Canvas

Who wouldn't love to proclaim their love in lights – and for about $5.00?

This awesome, lighted canvas is so cool and you can actually have it on your wall all year long!2

It's a piece of art, more so than just a decoration for one holiday.

The tutorial is below, give it a try, it's super easy!

Tutorial: zestdigitalmag.com

3. X&O Valentine's Day

X&O Valentine's Day

I actually love this piece.

I think that it looks amazing on the wall, is so perfect for any door and is ideal to really proclaim your love to your partner – or the fact that you wanna hug and kiss them.

It's easy to make, super festive and totally one of the best DIY Valentine's Day decorations that I bring out every year!2

Tutorial: themotherhuddle.com

4. Conversation Hearts Tree

Conversation Hearts Tree

This V-Day decoration actually takes a lot of time and patience, so make sure that you are ready for that before deciding on doing this one.

Basically, it's a bunch of conversation hearts glued to a Styrofoam cone, which will turn it into a tree.

It's super cute and a great project for the kids!2

Tutorial: amandajanebrown.com

Rose Petal Heart Ball
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