DIY Peony Projects for Women Who Love Floral ...


Love all things peony?

We can relate;

these flowers are all sorts of gorgeous.

If you want to infuse your crafting time with a bit of peony prettiness, take a look at the DIY ideas below.

You'll fall madly in love, trust us.

1. Crepe Paper Peony

Crepe Paper Peony

Crepe paper is one of the more basic materials for making your very own DIY peonies.

To make peonies using crepe paper, it is important that you use the floral grade crepe.

The normal kind may not have the right stretch.

Great colors to use are cream and sweet pea.

For the center, something yellowish will be nice.

Floral tape and floral wire will come in handy, too.


2. Coffee Filter Peonies

Coffee Filter Peonies

I love crafts using coffee filters.

And yes, you can make pretty peonies using this kitchen material.2

I love using coffee filters because you can go as full as you want with your peonies.2

The fact that they're already round makes the steps more manageable, too.

To make your coffee filter peonies look more realistic, you will want to dye them a soft shade of pink first.


3. Felt Peonies

Felt Peonies

Look how pretty!

This fun project involves the use of wool felt, scissors, hot glue gun, floral wire, and wire cutters.2

For the felt colors, we suggest using soft pinks.

A nice green hue for the sepal parts would be nice, too.

To construct the flowers, you will need to cut irregular-shaped petals and then fold and glue them around the floral wire.

Then add the green parts, let dry, and enjoy.


4. Crocheted Peony Scrub

Crocheted Peony Scrub

Not all of the DIY peony crafts we will feature here are of the purely ornamental variety.

For example, this cute peony project gives you a soft companion in the showers.2

This is a lovely crochet project for those who also happen to love flowers and pink bathing accessories.


Fabric Peonies
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