8 Wonderful DIY Walkways and Garden Paths ...


If it's warm enough to spend time in your back porch, it's warm enough to finally do that DIY Walkway or Garden Path that you've been planning for ages. Contrary to what you might think, making a DIY walkway or garden path is not that difficult. There are some ideas that are also quite easy on the pockets. If I had a yard, I'd be trying out some of these for sure. But I don't so I leave the DIY adventures to you.

1. Cobblestone Mold

Cobblestone Mold

Cobblestones look romantic don't they? There is a way for you to enjoy the wonderful ambiance they give off by trying out this DIY walkway idea. This path is made of cement and was constructed using a mold. These molds are quite handy for many garden projects.

Stepping-Stone Path
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