8 Clever Ways to Upcycle Trophies ...


From repurposing tuna cans, we move to fun ways to upcycle trophies. I am referring to trophies that you win at soccer games or bowling matches, not the animal type ones that you hang on your wall. We have here 8 ways to repurpose trophies and all of the ideas are easy to do. They're perfect for parties or giving your home a quirky new DIY decor. Hope you enjoy these craft ideas!

1. Bottle Toppers

Bottle Toppers

Wine is already a very cheerful creation but with an added trophy topper, you will make the beverage even more amazing. To upcycle trophies this way, you will need the top parts of the trophy and corks. You will also need a drill to make a hole on your cork tops so that you will be able to attach the trophy parts.

Coat Rack
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