9 Beautiful DIY Boots ...

We return with another list of cold weather crafts with these DIY boots. Just like the DIY gloves I wrote yesterday, most of these ideas are makeover projects. If you have a pair of boots that has seen better days, you would love these fantastic DIY ideas. What's even more amazing is that these DIY boots cater to different styles. Whether you're a Boho babe or an edgy chic, there is a great tutorial here for you. Enjoy!

1. Floral

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For this DIY boots idea, you will need a plain pair of boots, floral fabric, and some Mod Podge. The basic steps involve gluing the fabric to parts of your boots that you want to cover and then cutting the excess using Xacto knife. While the finished pair may not be great for walking in the rain, they will still keep your feet warm.


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