Thanksgiving Tablescapes That'll Have Your Guests Gasping ...


There's something so warm and inviting about Thanksgiving tablescapes.

If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, though, figuring out how to decorate can be slightly overwhelming.

You don't need that extra stress!

I'm here to help you out with this adorable Thanksgiving tablescape inspo!

1. Wooden Box

Wooden Box
Via Far Above Rubies: Thanksgiving preview

Turn this big, wooden box into the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

2. Minimalist Table

Minimalist Table
Via Thanksgiving Tables: From the simple

I love the minimalist look of the glass next to the burlap.

It's so gorgeous!

3. Gold Accents

Gold Accents
Via Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Cash in on the gold trend this Thanksgiving!2

4. Wheat Centerpiece

Wheat Centerpiece
Via Fall Home Tour - Uncommon

Bring nature inside with this gorgeous centerpiece!

5. Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks
Via 10 DIY Napkin Ideas To

Don't you love the look of the natural string, cinnamon sticks, and greenery?

6. Dinner by Candlelight

Dinner by Candlelight
Via Wnętrza Zewnętrza: Świąteczny stół

Turn the lights down on your Thanksgiving dinner for a cozy time with family and friends.

7. Rich Tones

Rich Tones
Via 27 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Tablescapes

The rich purple, orange, and green tones are to die for on this tablescape!2

8. Wood Slabs

Wood Slabs
Via 36 Elegant and Easy Thanksgiving

Use wood slabs in every aspect of your place setting for a fall look!

9. Copper and Fruit

Copper and Fruit
Via 10 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tablescapes

I love including fruit into the place setting, and the copper accents are so great!2

10. Neutrals

Via ~rooms FOR rent~: Mercury Glass

Bring neutrals into your Thanksgiving table!

11. Hydrangeas and Pumpkins

Hydrangeas and Pumpkins
Via Creating a Fall Tablescape

Who would've thought that hydrangeas and pumpkins would look so great together?

12. Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass
Via anderson + grant: Friday Favorites

Mercury glass looks so great on a Thanksgiving table!2

13. White Trees

White Trees
Via Not Your Mother’s Thanksgiving Table

These little "trees" look perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape!

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