Gorgeous Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Projects That Are Easy to do ...


Pottery Barn is a haven of gorgeous furniture and home pieces.

Unfortunately, their items can be quite pricey.

However, with a little motivation, paint, glue, and some DIY inspiration, you can recreate some of their items for a fraction of the cost.

Let's start with the easier ideas:

1. Seashell Wreath

Seashell Wreath

What a lovely DIY for adding a touch of beach-y beauty to your home.

To make something similar, you will be needing a grapevine wreath, a variety of shells, burlap, and industrial glue.

Basically, this project involves gluing the shells onto the grapevine and adding a burlap bow to the top.

Let dry and hang.

Source: gina-michele.com

Rope Tray
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