7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make...

I cannot get enough owls;

from home decor, accessories, clothing, and even holiday ornaments, they are beginning to fill my house from top to bottom.

They are trending this year more than ever and it's so easy to want to buy every owl that I see in shops like West Elm, Hallmark, Michaels Arts &

Crafts, and even Kohls.

But why buy more when I can experiment with these 7 DIY Owl Crafts to Make, which one will you put together...

1. DIY Owl Sweater...

DIY Owl Sweater...

Photo Credit: Trinkets in Bloom

A DIY owl sweater, yes please!

You do not know how long I've been searching for owl print t-shirts and sweaters that aren't child or teen sized.

Although I finally found the perfect one at Target thanks to my friendCafe Fashionista, I would still love to try this adorable painted DIY owl craft.

This would make a great gift this holiday season for your owl obsessed friend!